Pontiac Solstice

Pontiac Solstice

GM announced that a hardtop "targa" version of the Pontiac Solstice two-seater will be unveiled at the end of the month at the New York Auto Show. Production will start in 2009 and will be limited to 10.000 units a year.

The Solstice Coupe is also rumored to be unveiled this year. It will be inspired by the Solstice Coupe Concept that was launched back in 2002. It powered by a turbocharged version of the 2.0-liter direct-injection four-cylinder engine used in the Roadster version. The maximum output will be around 265 hp. A V8 version will also be used, probably for the GXP version.

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Bob Lutz, head of product for General Motors, said that developing a coupe version of the Pontiac Solstice Pontiac Solstice would be “the logical thing to do.” Pontiac appears to be logical. According to Automotive news, a coupe version of the Solstice will debut next year. It will feature a four cylinder engine, but with more power than the current base Solstice engine. It will not, however, be available with a V-6. A V-6 is considered to heavy to allow optimum handling in the relatively light vehicle. (...)
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They are two versions of the same car. One is losing ground in the market while the other is gaining. Why? That is the situation with the Pontiac Solstice and the Saturn Saturn Sky, and the answer may be nothing more complicated than the public image of the brands. Solstice sales are down 19% in the first half of this year. On the other hand, dealers are scrambling to get the Sky, GM has only a month’s supply in stock, and customers are having to wait to get one. Not to be misleading, the (...)

Pontiac has taken what customers love about the popular and powerful Solstice roadster and upgraded it for 2008 with new technologies and many standard and optional features. With two Ecotec compact powerplants and a choice between a standard Aisin five-speed close-ratio manual transmission and an optional five-speed automatic, the Solstice and Solstice GXP are true roadsters.

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Pontiac will attach the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb Course at the 85th running of the Hill Climb event on July 26th. The weapon of its choice is the Red Bull Solstice GXP with a 550 hp turbocharged Ecotec four. Its driver is Rhys Millen. Millen, who is perhaps best known recently for his participation in the Formula Drift series, is also a fifteen year veteran of “The Race to the Clouds” at Pikes Peak. The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is an incredibly demanding and unique (...)
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After two successful seasons with the Pontiac GTO, Rhys Millen (one of the top Formula D drifters) and the Red Bull Racing team were posed with a new chassis to work with due to the ending production of the GTO. When looking at the Pontiac line-up for the next drifting platform, the choice was obvious: the new roadster Pontiac Solstice GXP.

Finally, an exclusive body upgrade to match the incredible Mallett LS2/LS7 conversions. Widened a full 4 inches in the front and 5 inches in the rear, the Pitbull package is a 6 piece body conversion that allows the use of ultra-wide wheels and gives a menacing stance to the Solstice. The specially-designed front fascia improves airflow to the engine and the increased traction of wider tires lets you put more of that V8 power to the ground. Only a limited number of Pitbull Edition (...)
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The Pontiac Pontiac Solstice won the roadster duel in the U.S. for 2006, while the Mazda MX-5 finished the duel on the second place. The Solstice ended the year with 19,710 sales in the U.S.; the MX-5 delivered 16,897, up 72.4%, according to Ward’s data. Mazda’s Presiden said he puts little stock in the results and if they wanted they could "have sold a bunch more MX-5 Miatas" but capacity was an (...)
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