2006 Pontiac GTO

GTO - three legendary letters that started and defined a muscle car phenomenon in 1964. More than four decades later, the 2006 Pontiac GTO is the spiritual leader of modern muscle.

For the ’06 model year, the GTO is distinguished by revised taillamp styling. The taillamp background is now gloss black instead of red. Two new colors - Fusion Orange and Spice Red - offer none-too-subtle choices for customers who want their Goat to stand apart from the crowd. There is also a new 18-inch wheel design with bright spokes that further identifies the ’06 model.

As it was in the beginning, performance is at the heart of the Pontiac GTO. A 6.0-liter LS2 V-8 produces an impressive 400 horsepower (298 kw) and 400 lb.-ft. of torque (542 Nm). The Hydra-Matic 4L65-E four-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission is standard, while a six-speed Tremec T56 manual transmission is optional. The awesome powertrain is capable of propelling the GTO form 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and 13-second quarter mile times.

All that power is matched by the equally impressive stopping power from a four-wheel disc performance braking package featuring vented front rotors, solid rear rotors and bright red calipers with the GTO logo. A four-channel ABS system is standard.


I am owner of 2006 GTO with a 6-speed transmission. About the speed of 175 mph, myself I will never go that fast but I do know at 110 - 120 mph the engine is only turning about 2800 rpm. The handling, it drives like riding on rail if a Mustang handles better, that is bad ride. The braking, I am sure it is room for improvement but when I run up on another car that is only going 60 to 65 and I am doing 100 plus the brakes slow me down. So if you are an auto lover, you know anything car that produces 400 horse power and 400 pound torque off the self is a car that must be respected. Let see what the aftermarket puts out. Thanks for your time.

6.0L V8 2006 GTO here: no it can really do under 5sec 0-60mph and I allready hit 150mph on 5th gear smiley FACTS talk for THEMSELVES. I LOVE MY GTO! smoke many and manyyy cars and its cheap car compared to foreighn ones like BMW M5 which does the same performance but triple the cost and double the gas! smiley ***GTO***"

I’m a jew and I love the GTO.

Yeah....I just bought a 06 GTO and did plenty of research on it. The poor idiots trashing the car don’t know crap. And the mazda dude...that is hysterical. Sissy car.

Actually, it’s Australian made (don’t talk trash about something you know nothing of). Secondly, you really should compare numbers before comparing two different cars. The Mustang is inferior in handling, braking, and overall performance. I’m not saying Mustangs aren’t great cars, I’m saying they simply don’t outperform the GTO.

The gto is a overweight over priced Turd! any one of the compact cars with a factory turbo can kill it o-60 & 1/4 mile.

I own a auto repair shop,and we domost of our repair work on mostly those great high quality americancars you speak of. Pride of workmanship in autobuilders is still alive,but the forgien companys have it .We got satisfied with unions holding your jobs like momma callng work an yelling at your boss

I beleive this car should go 175 if not governed. When the vette had it’s major makeover in the late 90s, it had around 350 horses and would do 172.

Im sick of the damn foreign car companies and their ugly . If your gonna buy a car buy a GM, a Ford product, or anything else American. Stop supporting the foreign car industries.

Its still American-made junk. The smarter folks will always go for the impressive quality of foreign cars

Can that car really go 175?!?! i think thats a crock of crap.

Because the brakes on it . Great engine, but it also handles worse then a mustang. I know the 0-60 times are really in the mid 5s, not sure about the top speed, but I would be surprised if it was that high due to a regular corvette being about 175. Which is lighter and more aero.

there are some dumbasses out there that would rather by a dumb jap car rather than a bigger better american one


if the pontiac gto really goes 175 and cost only 31-32 thousand why would anyone buy an evo costing atleast a thousand more?

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