Porsche 911 (997)

Porsche 911 (997)

With all the tuning programs being done on the Porsche 997 TT , it’s easy to get lost in the mix because of all the strong competition, all of which are hell bent on being called the best aftermarket Porsche tuner in the world.

Then you have By Design Motorsport, a company that sees the benefits of all these programs and has decided to incorporate a lot of them in their own tuned-up Porsche 997 TT. The result is the Porsche 997 TT Porschat Edition, which comes with parts from renowned aftermarket companies including Misha, ADV.1 Wheels, RUF , and H&R Springs.

It really is a good way to take advantage of the strengths and specialties of each of these companies and combine them to make one unique package that’s all its own. The result is a finished product that looks about as awesome as any tuned up 997 TT we’ve seen in a while.

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AWE Tuning is no stranger to developing some of the most powerful exhaust systems in the world. The company has taken great lengths in maintaining its reputation through countless hours of developing, prototyping, and track testing their new products.

And after all that hard work and painstaking labor, AWE Tuning has just announced their latest line of Exhaust Solutions that is being prepped for setting the standard in exhaust systems all over the world.

By testing it on their Porsche 997 .2TT, AWE Tuning was able to fully develop a number of new products, including a High Flow Cat Sections for the OE Muffler, Cat Delete Pipes for the OE Muffler, a Full Exhaust System reusing the OE Tips, and a Full Exhaust System with AWE Tuning RSR Style Tips.

All these different variations were made using premium quality stainless steel construction and dyno proven power gains. Already being described as “glorious, exotic, and rich” AWE’s new exhaust system is already boasting of performance gains to the tune of an additional 23 horsepower and 22 lb/ft of torque using optional RSR style exhaust tips. The system also shaves off 12 pounds off of the car’s overall weight while providing just the right amount of burbles and pops on the car’s deceleration.

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Source: AWE Tuning

If you own a Porsche 996 , but you’re dreaming for a 997 , Prior Design is offering up the very solution to your dilemma: the Metamorphosis package that will make your 996 look like a 997.

The aesthetic package includes a new front bumper with large air intake vents, a discreet spoiler lip, a completely new PD3 bumper which houses an integrated sports exhaust system exclusive to Prior Design, and a curved set of side skirts that make the silhouette appear lowered from the side.

Once Prior Design finished up their alterations on the exterior of the Porsche, they moved on to the chassis. The chassis of the Porsche can be lowered by 30mm which, in turn, lowers the center of gravity. This chassis lowering system is exclusive to Prior Design and improves the handling characteristics of the 911. As the finishing touch to the sports car, Prior Design also fitted segmented wheels of the Prior Design forge and, according to customer specifications, classy rims that can be manufactured in any size.

We can say we are surprised that the engine for this Stuttgart Stud has been completely ignored, but engine modification is not something we have come to expect from Prior Design. They didn’t boost the power of the Porsche 911 GT3 when they played up with its characteristics with their PD3 package either. They also didn’t increase power for the Mercedes E-Class , Ford Mustang , or Audi R8 that they’ve tuned up so far this year. We do love a good power boost, but if we were to pick a car that didn’t need the extra attention in that department, one of our picks would be the Porsche .

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A new tuner from Germany has jumped right into the world of fine tuning by focusing on a couple of well-known luxury brands. Anna Bizer currently sells tuning packages for the likes of Porsche and Bentley and decided to bring a couple of her pieces of art to the Top Marques Monaco.

The first was a Porsche 997 Turbo that she endearingly calls, “Lightning”. This 997 features Gemballa exhaust tips, LSD doors, a complete body kit, and a massive rear wing. The exhaust system and 20” wheels have both been inner changed while the ECU upgrade brings 540bhp to the table. The entertainment has also been tweaked by adding an Alpine stereo with a front and rear camera.

Of course, this particular vehicle is no stranger to tuning practices. Just recently, we have reported several tuning kits for the Porsche 997 Turbo such as the ones from TechArt , SpeedART , and Mansory . Each tuning company adds a few exterior modifications such as a new spoiler and a different exhaust system while the most effective difference is the boost in power. Although we can’t say that Anna Bizer’s design is original, we can definitely say that it is striking. Nice job and good luck!

Source: GTSpirit

Now this is a matte blue-finished car that was done just right. We’re not drawing any comparisons to the Mercedes CLS55 AMG here, and although it should be said that both cars were given the exact color and texture treatment, thisPorsche 997 Carrera MK2 was able to accomplish the matte blue exterior without the car getting bastardized by a car tuner.

No offense fellas, but this is how you use matte blue on a sports car. It helps that it’s a Porsche , which is one of those rare brands that can get away with just about any exterior finish, but in the bigger scheme of things, we think that people should err on the side of caution when it comes to dressing up cars of this magnitude.

It works for a Porsche, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for something else.

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For those of you driving a 2005-2008 997 Carrera, TechArt has prepared a special AeroKit II program. It includes a roof spoiler as well as three different types of rear wings: Rear Wing I, Ring Wing II and a distinctive Rear Wing III with its static wing profile. These wings enable precise aerodynamic adjustments at the rear axle.

Also, thanks to small ECU modifications and new sport exhaust systems the engine can deliver an extra 15hp. The new sport exhausts systems are the "Sport" and the "Racing" with dual-tube tailpipes in chrome and black chrome.

The interior gets select materials, tastefully coordinated colors, and a sense of design with unmatched precision and craftsmanship that is immediately noticed. It is TechArt’s aim to turn the driver’s individual vision of their 911 interior into a reality. Whether you prefer to set selective highlights or entrust TechArt to create a unique interior design to your specifications, TechArt does not set limits.

SpeedArt unveiled the BTR II 650 EVO, a tuning kit based on the new Porsche Turbo , at the Geneva Motor Show. Starting with the 3,8 liter engine, the tuner added a modified motronic to enlarged the power boost, VTG-turbo chargers, a sport exhaust with sport cats and twin tail pipes plus sport headers/manifolds, sport air filter and enlarged intercoolers. The result is an increase of 150 hp and 150 NM, a sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 3,2 seconds and a top speed of 205 mph.

The aerodynamic kit includes: a new designed front bumper with spoiler lip and gun-metal frames, side skirts, rear diffuser and a rear spoiler with movable rear wing. The car sits on 20" twin spoke wheels.

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If you have a surround sound speaker wherever you are now, we suggest that you turn it on, plug it in, and enjoy this three-part video.

In case you’re wondering what it’s all about, then we can explain everything you need to know in a few simple words: Porshce 997 RSR . Noise. Lots of noise.

Now, it may look a little dramatic for your own liking, but you have to trust us, that goose-bumping roar of the 997 RSR makes it up for it in a huge way.

Check it out.

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The tuning firm Mansory is well known for their extensive use of exotic carbon fiber to create wild high performance machines like the Cayenne based Chopster and are following up the tradition at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show with a very special customized Porsche 997 Turbo . The boosted 911 will include upgrades both inside and out as well as under the rear deck lid, focusing on improving the performance of the twin turbocharged flat six power plant.

The Mansory designed aero package is made up of a new front front bumper complete with lip spoiler with integrated splitter made from lightweight carbon fiber and a GT2 like vent at the top. Out back the Mansory tuned Turbo wears an over sized carbon fiber rear wing giving it the character of a race car while prowling the streets improving the backwards engineered sports car’s stability by providing lots of down force over the wide rear tires. Underneath, Mansory has included a new vented rear apron that not only makes the 997 appear to be even more aggressive, but improves cooling at the same time. As far as horsepower is concerned, Mansory has crafted a sport tuned exhaust system being fed by a set of tuned turbo manifolds to create a screaming powerhouse.

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TPC Racing is known for producing some of the best tuned sports cars on the road today with Porsche being one of their specialties. In the past, TPC Racing has taken stabs at modding a number of Porsche s, including a 911 and a Cayman with all of them showing a dramatic increase in power and performance after going under the knife, TPC style.

And now, the racing team has released a teaser video of their latest baby, a Porsche 997 2S that was given a single turbo conversion. The teaser video isn’t all that long and it only shows a brief glimpse of the Single Turbo Kit that was outfitted in the 997. But regardless of how long the teaser video is, the sound of the roaring engine was enough for us to be convinced that TPC Racing is well on its way to converting this particular 997 into a monstrous beast.

Source: TPC Racing

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