Porsche 924

Porsche 924

We pretty much just finished the Museum Secrets Part One video and Porsche has already graced us with part two of this awesome series. The Museum Secrets series is outlining the new storage facility for the Porsche Museum and also showing us a glimpse of some of the most awesome cars that pass through the museum.

Part One focused mainly on the storage facility and Porsche’s overall history, then showed us just one car, which was the first ever 911 Turbo. Part two, thankfully, focuses a lot more on the storage facilities contents – a ton of rare Porsches. The guys at Porsche outlined seven cars for us, some of which we never knew even existed.

The video’s pretty sweet and the cars are absolutely awesome, so check out the video. If you would like a quick peak at what’s in the video, click past the jump and you’ll see our quick summary on each car shown.

How about a Porsche-Sofa? No, not a sofa looking like a Porsche, but a Porsche transformed in a sofa. Well sounds idiot i know, but someone really did that! So if you want to see a movie in the cold nights, this Porsche is perfect, it has no engine updates, just pimped up in style of a sofa. If you are interested to buy it, you can go here and take a look.

The 924 originated as a contract design by Porsche for Volkswagen, based mainly on readily available parts from the VW parts bin. The car was to be the VW Type 477, also known by the code name EA435. However, VW chose to cancel plans late in the project for financial reasons. Porsche then bought the rights to the design for $60 million ($10 million less than the cost of development) and produced the car, having VW assemble the cars at its Audi plant in Neckarsulm.

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