Porsche 928

Porsche 928

It’s the return of the rumor of a new Porsche 928 . Ever since the four-door Panamera had been a rumor, there were coupe rumors to go with it. Now the Porsche’s first sedan is about ready to hit the streets , while rumors of a coupe has slowly faded away. Now the coupe buzz is back, and this one’s pretty credible.

At a press meeting about the Panamera, Porsche’s design chief Michael Maur confirmed that he’s working on a new coupe project. It seems that sales at Porsche are moving away from entry level/smaller cars such as the Cayman and Boxster and are moving towards the larger vehicles like the 911 and Cayenne. So Porsche is looking to place another large car in its lineup. While the Panamera will likely be the base of the new 928, there is no word yet on how different the sheetmetal will be.

The original 928 was designed to replace the 911, but history had other plans for it. The 911 proved evergreen, which gave the 928 an awkward and doomed place in Porsche’s lineup. This time if the 928 comes back, it will be for 911 owners who need more room, and as a direct competitor to more luxurious sportscars like Bentley’s Continental GT .

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Porsche hasn’t revealed the Panamera yet and people already talk about a Coupe version that is considered a successor for the 928. Supposed to be called GT Coupe, the new Porsche Coupe will be a strong competitor for the Aston Martin DB9, Bentley Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari 599 Ferrari 599 GTB, and BMW BMW M6. it will be unveiled one year after the Panamera. Comparing to the Panamera, the 928 GT Coupe will have a shorter wheelbase and will loose some weights. This will make it sportier than the sedan. The 928 (...)
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Porsche might develop a new "928" (we say might because there is nothing sure for now, just rumors) that might debut in 2011. The new model it is supposed to be a competitor for cars like BMW BMW M6, Jaguar Jaguar XK, Aston Martin DB9, Bentley Bentley Continental GT and Mercedes Mercedes CL. Since 1995, when the 928 GTS went out of production, Porsche didn’t have any other replacement for it. The new 928 will be inspired by the Panamera. The rear, off course will be inspired from the 911. It will be powered by a V8 (...)
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The Porsche 928 is an automobile made by Porsche AG of Germany from 1978 to 1995, during which time it was their most expensive offering. There is some amount of debate pertaining to the 928’s position as Porsche’s flagship model, as some consider the 911 to have always been the companies flagship, even during production of the 928. It is often considered a grand touring car, although it’s combination of a powerful V8 engine and 50/50 weight distribution made it a competent sports car as well; ambiguous advertising on Porsche’s part and the fact that the model was intended to supplant the 911 as the companies premier model adds to the difficulty in easily classifing the vehicle.

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