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Porsche 928

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Porsche’s future looks quite promising – according to its CEO, Matthias Mueller, at least – as it plans to expand its lineup even further. In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Mueller announced that the company plans to expand by at least four new models by 2018, with the first two to arrive being the 918 Spyder and the Macan .

One of the remaining two is a new sports car — rumored to be called 961 — slotted between the 911 and 918 Spyder. The final new model will be a new sedan that is smaller than the Panamera . A final decision on the new sports sedan will be made by the end of 2013, but, if approved, it will be built on the Volkswagen Group’s MMB architecture, which will also be used for next-generation Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8.

As for the baby-Panamera, Mueller confirmed that it will target models like BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The next-generation Panamera will also see a few more derivatives, including a coupe defined as a successor for the famous Porsche 928 .

Neither of the latter two models are close to production – neither is approved, actually – but stay tuned and we’ll bring you all of the information on these potential models as soon as we get it.

Supercars are our bread and butter. They are not only super-fast, but they also look amazing and are very rare. With all of those awesome features also comes a super price. This means that the normal person that reads about them can’t pull off the kind of financial gymnastics to afford one.

For these people (us included), we have a special list of sports cars that you can typically find for $9,999 or less, making them an obtainable goal. This may require dipping back a few years, but you’ll still get yourself a nice car that is both quick and agile. Sure, it may not have fancy leather, a killer stereo system, navigation, Bluetooth, or any other modern features, but you will get yourself a true sports car.

There are literally thousands of cars we can choose from in this group, so we have to make some tough decisions on who gets in and who’s left out.

Click past the jump to read our complete list and see where we rank each car.

Automakers usually take great pride in unveiling concept cars and while most of them don’t even see the light of production, they make for interesting talking points on what kind of car they could’ve been if they were produced en masse. Very rarely do you see a concept version get sent back under the covers without being seen by the public for the next 25 years.

But that’s exactly what happened last weekend at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance when Porsche brought out what can only be described as the evolutionary concept predecessor of the Panamera , the 928 H50 Concept.

It must be noted that the 928 H50 Concept bears a striking similarity to the 928s that were produced from 1978 to 1995. The overall profile is similar, including the long, sliding hood that harkens back to the aesthetic profile of the 928. There are some awkward lines in there and the front-rear balance appears to be skewed to the former, but for all of its resemblance to the old 928, the 928 H50 Concept has one thing the other doesn’t have: two extra doors.

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We pretty much just finished the Museum Secrets Part One video and Porsche has already graced us with part two of this awesome series. The Museum Secrets series is outlining the new storage facility for the Porsche Museum and also showing us a glimpse of some of the most awesome cars that pass through the museum.

Part One focused mainly on the storage facility and Porsche’s overall history, then showed us just one car, which was the first ever 911 Turbo. Part two, thankfully, focuses a lot more on the storage facilities contents – a ton of rare Porsches. The guys at Porsche outlined seven cars for us, some of which we never knew even existed.

The video’s pretty sweet and the cars are absolutely awesome, so check out the video. If you would like a quick peak at what’s in the video, click past the jump and you’ll see our quick summary on each car shown.

Way back in 1983, we all knew and loved a far less creepy and odd-acting Tom Cruise, who was best known for movies like "Top Gun" and "Risky Business," and less known for being love-drunk crazy on the Oprah Winfrey Show. In the 1983 Warner Brothers’ classic, “Risky Business,” Tom Cruise’s character, Joel Goodsen, drove a gold-colored Porsche 928. Now the Profiles in History auction group is offering up the car that Cruise drove on the set for auction.

Actually, there were three cars driven on set, but this 1979 928 saw far more screen time and seat time with Cruise than the other two drive cars. We know that the 1979 Porsche 928 is one of the least desirable Porsches ever built, falling just short in undesirability to the 924, but c’mon, Tom – freaking – Cruise learned how to drive a stick shift in this car.

So, how has this car held up after Cruise was finished burning up, err, learning to use the clutch? What is a car like this selling for? Is it really worth my money?

For the answers to these questions and more, you’ll have to click past the jump to read our review.

October 5, 2011 was a very sad day for the American computer industry: Steve Jobs - the creator of the first commercially successful lines of personal computers, the Apple II series - passed away after losing his battle with a rare pancreatic cancer. As one of the few, true innovators of our time, Jobs took his knowledge and creativity and built up a company that is now worth about $1 trillion.

Steve Jobs did many great things for the technological world, so as homage to a great man, we thought it would be interesting to talk a little about one of his first projects. You see, the first Macintosh computer Jobs designed was actually influenced by his Porsche 928 .

Andy Hertzfeld, a member of the original Apple development team, recalls the discussion in March 1981 during a late night at the office. "It’s got to be different, different from everything else." said Jobs to James Ferris, Apple’s director of Creative Services. “For some reason, they were talking about cars,” Hertzfeld recalls.

"We need it to have a classic look, that won’t go out of style, like the Volkswagen Beetle", I heard Steve tell James.

"No, that’s not right.", James replied. "The lines should be voluptuous, like a Ferrari.”

"Not a Ferrari, that’s not right either", Steve responded, apparently excited by the car comparison. "It should be more like a Porsche!" referring to his Porsche 928.

“I thought it was kind of pompous to compare computers with sports cars, even metaphorically. But I was impressed with Steve’s passion for elegance in the industrial design and his powers of discrimination continually amazed me as the design took shape.” Hertzfeld said.

The design for the first Mac was released in February 1982. Jobs had worked tirelessly, attempting to produce the best Porsche-like design for the computer.

The world has lost a true inspiration. Steve Jobs will be missed.

Source: TorqueNews

If there are any legs to a new report coming out recently, the Aston Martin DB9, Bentley Continental GT, and the Jaguar XKR-S will soon get a strong response from Porsche in the form of an entirely new supercar.

Following the report that came out about Porsche ’s intention in introducing a new sports car to slot between the 911 GT2 RS and the 918 Spyder, another piece of news has come out that could lay credence to this latest development.

According to Autocar, Porsche is preparing a new front-engined GT coupe that will be part of the second-generation Porsche Panamera line-up that’s scheduled for 2014 or 2015. If there’s any leg to this, it’s possible that the Coupe will be based on a short-chassis version of the next generation Panamera and will bear inspiration from the popular 928 coupe that ran back in the 70’s. The car could be badged as the 929 and will enter a growing market that includes plenty of serious competition.

Hit the jump for more details on the Porsche 928 GT Coupe.

Source: AutoCar

We don’t know much in the way of pegging design sketches for future vehicles, but with persistent rumors of a new Porsche 928 in the horizon, a lot of people are becoming more and more inclined to believe that this sketch drawing - that can be found on the Porsche Consulting website - may be more than just a website design, but, in fact, a future vehicle that Porsche already has baking in the oven.

Unfortunately, we hate to be the bearer of bad news because this sketch is nothing more than just one of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of sketch designs to come out of Stuttgart. And just because they’re sketches, it doesn’t mean that Porsche is cooking up something that none of us know about, but hey, there’s no crime in day dreaming, right?

The classic 928 was powered by a 4.5 liter 16-valve V8 engine that delivered a total of 345 HP. This was just enough to sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds and hit a top speed of 171 mph. The "new" 928 will feature the same drive-train layout. If we were to believe this was the "new 928" then we would anticipate the two cars would share more than 60% of their components, including engines, transmission, and suspension with a possible debut in 2012.

Of course, we don’t think this is the new 928 and if you think that there’s more to this sketch than meets the eye, then more power to you. But until somebody from Stuttgart offers us any sort of hint on a possible future model that’s based on this drawing, we’re going to err on the side of prudence and caution and call this what it really is: a drawing and nothing more than that.

In the understatement of the year – so far, at least - the Porsche Panamera has been a remarkable success for the folks of Stuttgart. Yet despite that, there’s talk that Porsche may just have yet another ace up their sleeve in the form of a new Porsche 928 , which, if true, should give them a model that can line up pretty well against the Ferrari 599 GTB and the Aston Martin DB9.

And as with any other car that’s supposedly on the pipe line, a member of Teamspeed decided to do a rendering of a new 928 based on the Panamera, coupled with a few elements from the old 928. There’s still no confirmation from Porsche regarding the car so as of now, all of this is merely rendered speculation, no pun intended.

Check it out and see if it’s up to par to the high standards of the original Porsche 928.

Source: Teamspeed
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Fresh off the success of the all new Porsche Panamera , it is rumored that the German sports car builder is working on a larger GT Coupe that would serve as a spiritual successor of the classic 928 along the same lines as the new four door Grand Tourer. We have already heard Porsche’s design chief, Michael Maur, confirmed that he’s working on a new coupe moving away from models like the compact Cayman and Boxster in a direction towards larger sports cars like the 911 and Cayenne with the new 928 fitting in perfectly to compete with high end luxury cars like the Bentley Continental GT . The new car will most likely be built upon the Panamera’s platform with a shorter wheelbase offering more room in the rear as well as additional trunk space compared to the 911.

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