Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster

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Until now, the new-generation Porsche Boxster hasn’t had a special edition released, but the first one has been announced today and it comes from Netherlands. This special model is called Red 7 and, as you probably have guessed it by its name, it is all about the color red and will be limited to only seven units.

The model has been designed by Porsche Exclusive Course and features a very cool Indian Red exterior paint combined with matte Platinum on the hood and trunk lid. The interior combines very cool black leather with Guard Red inserts and a special "personally built for 7" logo. Each customer will also get a matching protective cover and a coffee-table book with photos of the production process.

The new Red 7 will also be offered with a sports suspension that lowers the car’s ride and a sports exhaust system.

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Porsche Boxster

The first rumors on a possible four-cylinder engine surfaced early in 2011. We initially thought it would be used on a new model placed under the current Boxster, but also on the future generations Cayman and Boxster . Though the third-generation Boxster has already been unveiled and it features no four-cylinder engine, the rumors continue to circulate.

According to a Porsche official, the four-cylinder engine is indeed being worked on, but it is still in "an early development phase." According to the same source, the development process will take about another three years, so don’t expect to see the new engine before 2016.

The new engine will share the same architecture with the six-cylinder engine used in the current models and should see use in the revised versions of the Cayman and Boxster set to go on sale in 2016.

With this news, we do need to add in a little clarity, as the Macan will be offered with a four-cylinder engine, but not the one that the source is referring to. Instead, it will use a 2.0-liter gasoline and a 2.0-liter common-rail diesel engine that Porsche fished from the VW parts bin.

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The third-generation Porsche Boxster and Cayman siblings have been chosen as the 2013 World Performance Car by the World Car Awards. The award was presented during a press conference at the New York International Auto Show .

The German mid-engine sports car beat out the other finalists, which included the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86 (all of which were combined as one entry). The win over two quality sports cars — especially over the Ferrari — really goes to show how far the new Boxster and Cayman have come over the years.

In its base format, the Boxster offers 265 horsepower from the 2.7-liter engine and 315 horsepower from the S model’s 3.4-liter engine. It is available with a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission to help get the power to the back wheels. This allows for a 0-to-60 mph time as low as 4.7 seconds.

The Porsche Cayman is offered with a 2.7-liter powerplant with 275-horsepower as standard and S model provides 325-horsepower out of its 3.4-liter engine. Just like the Boxster, it is available with a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission. When the 3.4-liter engine teams up with the PDK transmission and the Sport Chrono package, the car is capable of a 0-to-60 mph time of just 4.4 seconds.

This marks the third time that the German automaker has won the award and marks back-to-back wins for Porsche. Last year, the Porsche 911 took top honors and the Porsche Cayman won the World Performance Car Award in 2006.

German tuner, RUF Automobile, unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show an updated 3800S kit based on the thelatest-generation Porsche Boxster and Cayman models . The kit includes both exterior and engine upgrades and it is available now.

Under the hood, the model received an updated 3.8-liter flat-six engine that delivers a total of 420 horsepower at 7,400 rpm and 332 pound-feet of torque at 5,600 rpm. The engine is mated to a double-clutch transmission and sends its all power to the rear wheels.

Once the job under the hood was done, the tuner continued with updating the exterior look. RUF is offering an aerodynamic kit that includes new front and rear bumpers, and an updated rear diffuser. The last piece of the tuning is the new set of alloys in a five-spoke design and painted in black.

The interior can also be upgraded with better quality materials, like Alcantara or carbon fiber.

Prices for the new kit will be announced at a later date.

With so many Porsche programs being released recently, German tuner SpeedArt isn’t keeping quiet because, lo and behold, they have their own newly revealed package for the mighty little rocket of the Porsche line-up, the Boxster S.

The program is actually a new take on the tuner’s SP81-R program and it comes with a comprehensive aerodynamic package. There’s a new lower front spoiler that makes the Boxster’s front profile look like it’s ready to eat you alive. A diffuser section for the rear bumper has also been added, as was an elevated wing that attaches itself to the stock wing fitted on the Boxster. There are also new clear-coated carbon fiber side sections for the doors and air intakes and finally, a new set of 20" or 21" Multi-piece Light Spoker Competition forged alloy wheels to round out the exterior modifications. Inside, SpeedArt kept the upgrades in check, opting only to finish the carbon with healthy doses of fine leather and Alcantara.

Then there’s the power upgrade, which, if you think about it, isn’t much. The addition of a performance exhaust system with manifolds, sports catalysts and silencer with twin 100 mm tailpipes, and an optional damper system nets the Boxster S an increased output of just 20 horsepower and 14 lb/ft of torque. All told, the SpeedArt SP81-R program provides the Porsche roadster with 335 horsepower and 280 lb/ft of torque, an increase from the 315 horsepower and 266 lb/ft of torque output of the stock Boxster S model.

UPDATE 11/27/12: SpeedArt has released a new batch of photos of their SP81-R program for the Porsche Boxster S, including some comprehensive shots of the sports car’s interior. Check them out in the gallery below.

Where there is SEMA in America, there is the Essen Motor Show on the other side of the Atlantic. Europe’s biggest aftermarket auto show will play host to some of the best auto tuners in the continent, one of which is Techart.

The noted Porsche tuning specialist will be on hand at Essen to present their latest program, involving the new Porsche Boxster roadster.

The program only covers exterior, interior, and aerodynamic modifications, leaving some questions as to the probability of an engine upgrade coming at a later date. TechArt doesn’t appear to be too keen on revealing anything regarding the possibly of engine mods, but the Porsche tuner did drop the details on their new aero kit for the Boxster.

The most noticeable styling changes include the development of a new carbon fiber kit and exterior color options. The former, in particular, carries new components like a two-piece front spoiler with integrated splitter, an elevated rear wing, diffuser pieces, mirror casings and decorative trims on the side air vents.

The program will also have a new TechArt sport spring kit, effectively lowering the Boxster’s ride height by 30 mm at the front and 20 mm at the rear. From there, the tuning company also added its own sport tailpipes to go with a new sound muffler and a sport exhaust system with valve control. A choice of two wheel options round out the exterior changes, giving customers the opportunity to pick between a new set of 21" Formula 5-spokes light alloy wheels or 21" Formula III 5-spokes forged light alloy wheels.

Moving to the interior, the German tuner is offing a pretty extensive range of new and individual options, including a full leather interior with decorative stitching and a carbon fiber inlay package. A new 3-spoke sport steering wheel will be fitted in, as are new paddle shifters, instrument dials, floor mats, door entry guards, aluminum foot rest, and aluminum sport pedals.

UPDATE 11/11/12: TechArt has revealed new details and photos of their latest program for the Porsche Boxster. Read up on the updates above and check out the new photos in the gallery below!

Supercars are our bread and butter. They are not only super-fast, but they also look amazing and are very rare. With all of those awesome features also comes a super price. This means that the normal person that reads about them can’t pull off the kind of financial gymnastics to afford one.

For these people (us included), we have a special list of sports cars that you can typically find for $9,999 or less, making them an obtainable goal. This may require dipping back a few years, but you’ll still get yourself a nice car that is both quick and agile. Sure, it may not have fancy leather, a killer stereo system, navigation, Bluetooth, or any other modern features, but you will get yourself a true sports car.

There are literally thousands of cars we can choose from in this group, so we have to make some tough decisions on who gets in and who’s left out.

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Porsche Carrera 4 and 4S

Rowing your own gears is an artwork that takes years to gain a firm grasp of and many people never truly master it. Heel-to-toe downshifting, which is essentially the replacement for “double clutching” in older transmissions, allows you to match the engine speed to the transmission speed on the downshift. This speed matching helps eliminate embarrassing and lap-time-killing bucking as the synchros attempt to match up the speed of the engine and transmission. On top of that, it can also help extend the life of the synchros.

In most cars, heel-to-toe shifting takes careful placement of your right foot, so you can press the brake pedal and still tap the throttle lightly to increase the engine speed just before releasing the clutch. This takes loads of practice to master, if you can ever master it. If executed perfectly, your car eases into the downshift more smoothly and accelerates out of it much quicker.

Well, Porsche is now making this heel-to-toe shifting almost autonomous on several of its vehicles. We already learned that the Sports Chrono package on the 2013 Carrera 4 and 4S will boast this feature, but now reports are saying that this system will also come to the Boxster and Cayman lineups.

On the downside, you cannot fine-tune this system to meet your driving styles, like you can on the Nissan 370Z , as Porsche assumes its engineers are good enough to develop this system to cover just about any driver. Given all of their past ventures, we don’t doubt their ability one bit.

With this new addition, the Porsche lineup is showing that it is dead set on allowing its drivers to have maximum fun with minimal effort.

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Ewe no, their are thymes when a spellchecker is in order and advertismenting sumthing is Juan of them thymes. Their’s not much worser then misspelling the nayme of the pro-duct you are saling. Welp, it looks like Porsche has decided against spell checking its ads.

Okay, we’ll stop now... but seriously. Every single Porsche Boxster billboard ad in the great city of London has a glaring error in it. It’s missing an “S,” so the sports car is now known as the "Boxter." Granted, the pronunciation is exactly the same, but the spelling is simply horrendous.

Really, how in the world does a professional advertising company, which we only assume Porsche uses, misspell a key word, like the product’s freaking name, on a slew of billboards? To boot, how exactly does Porsche not catch this before having the billboards installed? Yeah, accidents happen, but that’s fine on a single small ad somewhere, not on billboards all across London.

An ad campaign of this magnitude has to cost a load of money and if the ads are up, it means that Porsche apparently approved the final proofs. So the question is how did Porsche approve botched proofs or did the ad company misprint them when they made the billboards?

We tried coming up with a department to call in Porsche’s operation to find out whose error it was, but we came up empty. We are sure that within a matter of days these ads will be fixed up. It’s still worth a good laugh.

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Volkswagen's Takeover of Porsche is Complete

Finally! After a long and drawn out process, the corporate restructuring that brings full control of Porsche’s automotive side under Volkswagen Volkswagen ’s control is approved and official. The deal sent 4.49 billion Euros and one voting share of VW stock from VW and Porsche SE to Porsche AG, the latter item being simply a concession to avoid paying a load of taxes and was left out of VW’s press release.

This officially gives Volkswagen AG 100 percent holdings in Porsche and effectively gives VW the ability to do whatever it wants with the famed sports car builder. We have already alluded to the possibility of VW overriding Porsche’s CEO and continuing on with the “Baby Boxster” project that gained notoriety lately. That possibility was given more solid ground with a statement released by VW CEO, Martin Winterkorn.

Winterkorn was quoted saying “The path is now finally clear for a bright future together. Even closer cooperation will enable us to significantly strengthen Volkswagen and Porsche, and further expand the group‘s product portfolio with fascinating new vehicles.”

You see, it is that last section about bringing new models that really drives home the possibility that VW may be about to force Porsche to build a lesser-priced version of the Boxster . We see that as making perfect business sense because if Porsche buyers can accept a sedan and a pair of SUVs, why can’t they accept a lower-priced Boxster?

Either way, congrats to both sides and we are glad to finally see this issue laid to rest.

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