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Porsche Boxster

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The Porsche Boxster has been around for about 15 years and has only seen two generations and a facelift in 2008. Luckily for the guys over at Porsche, the mid-engined roadster is doing fine without the extra renovations. For 2011, the Boxster isn’t coming at us with extra packages or additional bells and whistles, but it is arriving in style with its usual sleek and unique exterior, and its good ol’ faithful 2.9L six cylinder Boxer engine.

The Porsche Boxster doesn’t really scream incredible speed with a power output of 255hp at 6,400rpm and 214 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s 0-60mph sprint of 5.6 seconds isn’t the best time for sports cars in this class and its 163mph isn’t the best either. What is cool about this engine setup is the seven-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) which can minimize these performance numbers and provide a more comfortable ride.

Pricing for the 2011 Porsche Boxster starts off at a reasonable $47,600 for the base model which comes with the standard six-speed transmission. Add the seven-speed PDK gearbox and that price jumps up to $51,020. And then there’s the addition of a few "extras" that could jet propel this price to a not-so-comfortable, underwear up the butt kind of feeling.

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Porsche has found a pretty interesting way to promote their vehicles; releasing a series of commercials that illustrate how their vehicles can be used for everyday activities. The series consists of the "Snowmobile," "Pickup Truck," "Getaway Car," "School Bus," and "Pet Carrier." Yeah, Porsche thinks their cars can manage all of those tasks.

“It’s not only about the weekend joyride. It’s the only car in the world that combines true sports car exhilaration and the drivability for daily use. This campaign brings this fact to life, painting a bigger picture of the real Porsche value proposition, in some cases through the words and images of owners themselves,” says David Pryor, vice president of marketing for Porsche Cars North America.

Of course, whether we agree or not, Porsche has certainly come up with an ingenious way of promoting their 911 , Cayman , and Boxster models, although we just don’t them actually utilizing their personal Porsches for any of these tasks.

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The dawn of the electric sports car is fast approaching and a number of automakers are scrambling to get their models out before the seemingly expected industry boom, which could very well happen in the next few years.

While that’s still a matter of subjectivity, what we do know is that a number of automakers have begun developing their own electric sports cars with German automaker Porsche becoming the next in line to do so after introducing three Porsche Boxster E models.

The cars are still designated as ‘prototypes’ so we don’t expect these cars to hit the streets anytime soon. Details on the model’s complete specifications are still being kept under wraps - possibly until further testing is done – but from what we’ve gathered, the Boxster E models are going to be powered by a 29 kWh battery that sends the power out to two electric motors, producing a combined output of 241 horsepower. According to Porsche, the Boxster E prototypes are capable of matching the numbers set by the Boxster S , which translates to a ‘north-to-60’ time of five seconds and a top speed of somewhere around 170 mph.

As we’ve said, production of this car is still far down the road, if ever. For now, Porsche is concentrating on giving the prototypes more development hours and test runs to determine the feasibility of having their own electric sports car. While we’d love to see it happen, the decision still remains with the boys from Stuttgart. So here’s to hoping that they come out with more than just prototype models in the future.

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Black is undoubtedly the color most often worn to any elegant affair and Porsche is taking full advantage of that fact with another special edition model dressed to impress in a sleek black exterior. Mimicking the Carrera Black Edition revealed just a few days ago, the Boxster S model is taking its turn in the spotlight with the same package. However, unlike the Carrera, the Boxster S Black Edition will be limited to only 987 units with U.S. prices starting at $65,200. Sales will begin in March 2011.

The Black exterior carries the dark horse theme around to the model lettering at the rear, the roll-over bars, the rear side air intake grilles, and the twin tailpipe of the exhaust system. A set of black 19" Boxster Spyder wheels complete the aggressive exterior look.

The color also rolls in to the interior to mold itself onto the standard, three-spoke Sport Design steering wheel, the trim strips of the dashboard and of the gear shift lever or PDK selector, the dials on the instrument cluster, and the partial leather seats.

The color change won’t be the only thing distinguishing this model as Porsche is providing three optional packages to further customize this special edition: "Comfort", "Infotainment", and "Design".

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In the aftermath of thePorsche Boxster being one of the top three vehicles in Europe to have the best value retention for 2010, Hofele Design has decided to jazz up the first generation Boxster 986 with a cool new Speed GT package. For the front of the car, the Boxster 986 gets a new front bumper with lamellas in the outer air intakes and mesh insert in honey-comb style in the middle air intake. Optional air intakes can be inserted into the out air intakes. The rest of the car features a restyled rear bumper (in a "2010-Design Look") with side air vents and a diffuser, side skirts, and a big rear wing which they say imitates the Porsche 911’s wing. The exterior package is completed by side graphics with the "Speed" logo and a new set of 18-inch "Silverstone" alloy wheels.

The interior gets "Bi-Colour" leather throughout with the middle area of the seats getting stitched in the classic diamond pattern (similar to Bentley ). The leather continues on through the middle areas of the doors. All of the leather can be requested in different colors and combinations.

In a year that has been full of uncertainty, recalls, and what-have-you, at least one brand is ending it on a really high note.

For better or for worse, Porsche has had a really good year and their fortunes haven’t gone unrecognized by a lot of their peers. The automaker from Stuttgart, Germany is being recognized by a variety of media outlets for a year where it has released a steady diet of high-performance and ultra-popular cars. While some people might think that the company was lucky to have the year it has had, the folks at Porsche would prefer to describe it as “business as usual”.

Over in their homeland of Germany, the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT) listed three of Porsche’s sports as having the best value retention with the Porsche 911 leading the pack, followed by both the Boxster and the Cayman . Thee cars in the top-three. Pretty impressive.

On the other side of the world in the Land Down Under, a jury comprising of eleven motor journalists from the “Sydney Morning Herald”, “The Age” and “drive.com.au" chose the Porsche Boxster as the best convertible of 2010 and more importantly, giving it the “Drive Car of the Year Award” for the second year in a row.

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Source: Porsche

Fifth Gear mainstays Tiff Needell and Jason Plato found a good way to get some burn on a Porsche Boxster S , an Audi TT-RS , and a Nissan 370Z . The problem was, there were three sports cars ready to be tested, but only two drivers to drive them.

Fortunately for the two, they found another man to become the third driver. You might recognize his name, too: Ben Collins.

All together, Tiff, JP, and Ben took some time on the track to test the three aforementioned sports cars in a series of three tests – an agility test, a drift test, and a hot lap - to determine which car would run supreme over the others. Being the most senior of the trio, Tiff scored first dibs, picking the TT-RS for his ride. Picking next was JP, who opted for the Boxster S, leaving the man formerly known as the Stig to ‘settle’ for the 370Z.

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Source: Fifth Gear

Over the years we’ve encountered some people who seem to take great pride and joy in turning their cars into replica exotics. Some have done a piss poor job at it while others have been good enough to make their cars ‘resemble’ these exotics, forgetting the fact that if any of the onlookers would dare lift the hood, the vehicle would be exposed as the fraud that it is.

Earlier reports have said that a replica Veyron was done using a Porsche Boxster platform. But we’ve since gotten clarification that the photo we showed you is actually a real Veyron with no hint or trace of copycat-ism on it. Must’ve been why it looked too good to be a replica.

Having said that though, having said that, there really is a project being undertaken by "Orlando M." to make a replica Veyron using a Boxster platform that’s going to look impeccably like the real deal. The project is still being undertaken and unfortunately, it’s going to be for Orlando M’s personal use only. You can check out how the process is done in these videos that we’ve been given. Take a look!

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As one of the most esteemed auto magazines in the world, Car and Driver’s annual “Top 10 Cars” is always a good barometer for automakers to see if one – or maybe two – of their vehicles made it to the list. With a readership that spans the entire world, Car and Driver’s Top 10 list is read by millions of people so it’s kind of a big deal for these companies. From the usual suspects to a number of new surprises, the “Top 10 Cars” will reveal what cars the magazine is highly recommending for the next calendar year.

In determining which cars make it to the list, editor-in-chief, Eddie Alterman explains: “In our testing, we are looking for those automobiles that deliver spectacular value, real driver engagement, and the highest fulfillment of their intended mission.”

He continues: “Our testing takes place over a week on real roads in the real world, marshaling more than 60 new test cars and our entire editorial staff. It’s a real workout, and the best cars on the market emerge victorious."

For 2011, the list has a number of old guards that have made multiple appearances while there are others that are making their inaugural face-time. Just to give you an idea on what to expect, three American, German, and Japanese models made it to the list with the other spot going to a model from South Korea. There are also three cars – the Audi S4 , the Mazda3 , and the Ford Fusion Hybrid – that dropped out of the list, which means that you’re going to be seeing a number of new entries making it to the Top 10.

So without further ado, Car and Driver’s “Top 10 Cars for 2011” after the jump.

Source: Car and Driver

Top Gear USA may be trying to find their way to super stardom, but Top Gear UK has been sitting in the celebrity lounge for quite some time, so when they sit behind the wheel of a sports car and want to tell us about it, we listen. In this review, James "Captain Slow" May takes a drive in a Porsche Boxster Spyder which is probably a little bittersweet considering the famous TV presenter just decided to part with his own beloved Boxster.

The Porsche Boxster Spyder is powered by a 3.4 Liter direct injected flat six ahead of the rear axle that delivers a total of 320 HP, 10 HP more than the current top of the line model in the Boxster lineup, the Boxster S, while still getting as much as 30.4 MPG. Like all the other current Porsche models, the Boxster Spyder comes equipped with a seven speed PDK gearbox and a Sports Chrono Package. This allows the Boxster Spyder to sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 166 MPH. On the US market, the model is priced at $61,200.

Check out the video to see what James May has to say about the Porsche Boxster Spyder.

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