Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster

Now that the updated models are now officially public, Porsche revealed today new images gallery of the 2009 Cayman and Boxster .

The Cayman is powered by a 2.9-liter flat-six boxer engine that delivers 265 hp (an increase of 20 hp); the Cayman S gets a 3.4-liter power unit that delivers 320 hp (25 hp more). The Cayman S with PDK dual-clutch automatic and Launch Control can do 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds.

Boxster gets a 2.9-liter engine that delivers 255 bhp (an increase of 10 hp). The S version gets a 3.4-liter power unit that delivers 310 hp (up 15hp). Mated to a the standard six-speed manual gearbox, the new Boxter makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 5.9 seconds.

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It has been a standing knowledge that Porsche has been planning to unveil the modified Boxster and Cuaman mid-engine sports cars at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week. But, Porsche made it official recently, even though it failed to provide any pictures, the German manufacturer revealed in its Spartan press release that "both cars will come with Porsche’s new engine and transmission technology as well as many other significant technical and exterior refinements".

Besides some artistic modifications, the new 2009 Cayman coupe and Boxster roadster will show off extra powerful but also fuel-economical direct-injection engines with Porsche’s new double-clutch PDK gearbox that made its introduction on the recently altered 911s.

For the very first time also at an auto show in the US, Porsche will showcase in Los Angeles the original car to bear the name "Porsche," the celebrated, 60-year-old mid-engine 356 which has come to be identified simply as ’Porsche No.1’. The company’s LA Show display area will also highlight a Porsche 550 Spyder which is on loan from the special collection of Jerry Seinfeld.

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Porsche Boxster Speedster - spy shot

Although Porsche’s 911 shares its actual linage with the 356 , it is the Boxster /Cayman that is seen today as its spiritual successor. So it only makes sense that when Porsche decided to plunge its history, it would give the Boxster a speedster version.

Considering the original Speedster was a striped-down and race-ready 356, this spy shot already shows a car with a few more creature comforts (the original Speedster didn’t have roll-up windows.) Instead the Boxster Speedster will likely get a lower windshield and revised soft top to complete the lower-profile look of the original car. Some add-on bits and new wheels are also planned to distinguish this car from the regular Boxster. To live up to its speedy name, Porsche may use its most potent version of the 3.4-liter six-cylinder engine, which is currently the 303 hp unit from the Boxster S Design Edition 2

This car is based on the revised Boxster we plan to see this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show. Although the Speedster isn’t expected in LA, there isn’t enough to distinguish it from the new Boxster to stop it from premiering soon after.

Look like it doesn’t take long for Porsche to make up its mind. Back in September, Porsche announced that the latest six cylinder engine was designed to be easily modified into a boxer four . At the time of the announcement, Porsche said it had no plans to use a four-cylinder in the near future, but it wanted to have the option. Now Autocar is reporting that the German company will knock off two cylinders of the Boxster’s engine by 2011.

The four-cylinder may be a large part of the next Boxster’s diet. Due in 2011, the next generation of the roadster is reported to be significantly lighter than the current one and will have an output of over 220 hp.

This announcement brings the rumored plans for a 914 revival into question. Is there room for two four-cylinder open tops on Porsche’s roster?

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After the official unveiling of the new 911 line, today Dutch AutoWeek published the first images of the updates to the Cayman and Boxster . Like their bigger brother, both models get redesigned front bumpers with LED lights and revised rear bumpers with new tail lamps. This new look should tie the little Porsches over until the complete redesign due in 2012.

Although no official details are available, both the Cayman and Boxster are expected to get an upgraded engine possibly courtesy of the 911’s direct injection technology. Also from the 911 parts bin will likely be the will be offered with PDK dual-clutch transmission.

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Porsche announced today its line-up at the Paris Auto Show. One of the high-lights will be a special edition Boxster. Called Boxster S Design Edition 2, the new edition will be limited to only 500 units.

Porsche Boxster S Design Edition 2

Offering maximum output of 303 bhp from 3.4 litres, the Boxster S Porsche Design Edition 2 delivers eight horsepower more than the standard S-model.

This special edition comes with a wide range of exclusive features highlighted by the striking design of the car. It will be painted all in white.

Porsche has added two new special editions to its line up: the Boxster S Porsche Design Edition 2 and the Cayman S Sport, models both powered by a 3.4 litres engine that delivers 303 bhp.

Porsche Boxster S Porsche Design Edition 2 and Cayman S Sport

Both new models come with a wide range of exclusive equipment highlighted by the particularly striking design of the car and will be available at the dealership as of early September.

Porsche Boxster S Porsche Design Edition 2 and Cayman S Sport

The Boxster S Porsche Design Edition 2 features 19-inch SportDesign wheels as standard, side air intakes, centre console and the dials on the three round instruments finished in white. Sporting grey stripes extending lengthwise along the body accentuate the brilliant white finish of the car in the same sophisticated style as the red rear lights.

German Car Scene revealed new details about the upcoming facelifted versions of the Cayman and Boxster. Both models will go on sale in February 2009.

Like the Carreera and the Carera 4, the Boxster and Cayman will feature LED taillights, LED brake lights, LED rear fog light, dynamic cornering lights, CDR 30 with 5 inch screen and PCM 3.0 touchscreen.

Under the hood there will be two new engines: new DFI-engine generation for 3,4 l and new VC+ 2,9 l engine. PDK will also be offered in order to improve fuel economy.

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Porsche will be continuing the successful cooperation on the production of the mid-engine models Boxster and Cayman with the Finnish manufacturing partner Valmet Automotive until the year 2012, thus fulfilling it contractual obligations. In a call for tenders, Porsche has chosen Magna Steyr Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG, Graz, as future contract manufacturer. The Austrian enterprise secured the contract because it submitted the most financially attractive offer, and because it is in a position to take on development tasks for Porsche sports cars.

Holger P. Härter, Deputy Chairman of Porsche SE, and as Chief Financial Officer responsible for the allocation of commissioned production, comments: “Over the last eleven years, Valmet has built more than 200,000 sports cars of outstanding quality for us. Our decision not to continue our successful cooperation is in no way a vote against Valmet Valmet . Rather, it was the high development capacity and competence of our future partner that tipped the balance in favor of our new partner.”

Porsche will unveil the 2009 Boxster next year at the Geneva motor Show. This latest photos were taken in Germany during some testings.

The future Boxster will feature a Cayman-inspired with gently reprofiled headlights and indicators. The central front air dam – reserved for the S model – gets a trapezoid air intake, as opposed to today’s oval aperture. The car will also feature twin exhaust pipes and LED rear lights.

Under the hood there will be 2.7-litre direct injection engine with power up to 260bhp.

The Boxster will get a new interior with a hard-drive based sat-nav system and larger screen.

After the unveiling of the 2009 Porsche Boxster, the company will only offer a few special edition and in 2011 the new generation.

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