Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

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At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show , TECHART unveiled cool aerodynamic kit based on the diesel version of the new Porsche Cayenne S . The model displayed in Geneva featured a deep-black metallic paint combined with a black leather interior and a new set of wheels, sized 23 inches with light-green applications. However, each customer can opt from a wide selection of colors and materials.

The aerodynamic kit includes a three-part front spoiler with integrated air outlets for a better cooling, a new carbon-fiber aero hood with integrated double-sided air outlets, a new front apron and side skirts, a roof spoiler and a rear apron with integrated diffuser and two reflectors. TECHART is also offering a Lighting Package that includes twin headlights with LED or halogen lights.

When it comes to wheel choices, customers will have a wide selection to choose from: Formula 5-spoke light-alloy wheels ranging from 20 to 23 inches or Formula III 5-spoke forged light-alloy wheels sized 21 or 22 inches. The tuner is also offering a new sport exhaust system that will further improve the diesel engine’s sound.

For the interior, the tuner is offers high-quality materials, exotic woods or carbon and lots of individual colors.

Just months after unveiling the base kit, Porsche has added in an engine tune that includes the tuner’s TA 058/SD1 powerkit. When you press the “Sport” button in the center console, this powerkit bumps the Diesel S’s power by 38 horsepower to a full 420 ponies and 73 pound-feet of torque to 700 pound-feet. This helps drop the SUV’s 0-to-100 km/h (62 mph) time to 5.2 seconds – 0.5 seconds faster than the stock time – and increase top speed by 4 km /h (2.48 mph) to 256 km/h (159.07 mph).

Also added in is TECHART’s TECHTRONIC system that improves acceleration and driving dynamics without interfering with the standard control software.

Submit an inquiry to TECHART for pricing and delivery times.

UPDATE 5/12/2013: TECHART has released a new engine tune for the Cayenne Diesel S

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Yesterday we brought you the first spy shots of the revised Porsche Cayenne . While Porsche is trying to update the performance SUV’s look, some guy asked our friends over in Russia, TopCar, to develop a tuning kit that makes the SUV look, shall we say, “interesting.”

While we may not particularly care for the Red Dragin motif, you still have to admire the perfection that TopCar consistently delivers.

As it name suggests, the new Cayenne Red Dragon combines a white exterior paint with numerous red accents on the wheels and body panels. The aerodynamic kit is made in carbon fiber and includes a new bonnet, new front fender extensions, new front spoiler bumper, new side skirts and a new rear spoiler.

For the interior, the model uses the same theme as the exterior with red and black diamond-tufted seats, red accents on the door panels, a red steering wheel, a red dashboard and a red center console. To complete the dragon part of the name, TopCar added an embroidered dragon on the seats.

We’re sure whoever commissioned TopCar was happy to pay big bucks for this custom work.

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Like all the other models in Porsche’s lineup, the Cayenne is also about to receive a redesign for 2015. Some of you may believe this is a strange move, considering the second-generation Cayenne was just unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show , but it looks like the company decided a refresh was needed order to keep the model fresh for the next couple of years.

As you can see, the prototypes caught testing are camouflaged just in the parts that Porsche is updating. This means that the revised Cayenne will receive an updated front bumper and headlamps up front. On the backside the Cayenne will receive new slimmer looking rear lights and a redesigned bumper. Porsche is also offering new wheel designs and small interior changes. It is also rumored that the redesigned Porsche will also be a little bit lighter and will feature revisions under the hood.

Expect the revised Porsche Cayenne to be unveiled sometime in 2014 as a 2015 model year.

Updated 04/05/2013: Today we have created a very cool rendering for the revised Cayenne that has been caught testing the other day. As you probably would have expected, the revised Cayenne will feature design elements we have already seen in the second-generation Panamera, including: redesigned air intakes, new LEDs and headlights.

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Last year, Gemballa unveiled the Aero 1 tuning kit based on the new Porsche Cayenne . For this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the tuner upgraded the kit and transformed it into Aero 2. The new kit adds a new aerodynamic package that increases the presence of the Cayenne.

The new kit includes all the elements offered in the Aero 1, like front bumper and spoiler, the rear bumper and the side skirts, but adds new wheel arch extensions and new side sills that made the Cayenne even wider. All the elements are made in carbon fiber. The new Aero 2 kit is offered with 22-inch forged wheels that weigh about the same as the factory 20-inch wheels. If you want to pay less, you can order the new wheels in a cast version.

The interior is also modified when compared to the Aero 1, and what we like the most are those yellow insertions.

Unfortunately, this is purely an aesthetic package, so there are no under-hood modifications.

British tuner, Kahn Design, has prepared quite a surprise for the 2013 Geneva Motor Show: a super sport wide-body kit for the Porsche Cayenne .

The kit starts with numerous upgrades for the exterior. The Cayenne receives vented front and rear wide wheel arches with integrated front and rear air dams, a lower boot-lid spoiler and Kahn enamel wing shields. The car sits on a set of RS 600 wheels sized 9.5-by-22 inches up front and 10.5-by-22 inches at the rear combined with brake calipers finished in liquid gold. The SUV also receives sport-tuned lowering springs and a stainless-steel quad crosshair exhaust system.

For the interior, the tuner uses a very nice combination of black and carbon for the front and rear seats and the center glove box. The package also includes vented foot pedals in machined aluminum, speedo and rev counter fascias in red and cream, floor mats and Kahn logos. Alongside these updates, the tuner also offers its clients the possibility to opt for a very wide list of colors and materials.

We know that the 2013 Geneva Motor Show is still more than a month away, but there are makers out there that have already announced their lineup for the show. For example, Fab Design will unveil its Emperor II tuning kit for Porsche Cayenne S Diesel .

The wide-body kit includes a new front spoiler with oversized air intakes, a carbon-reinforced hood and two ventilation ducts. The kit continues with new wings, side skirts, a carbon rear spoiler with integrated diffuser, and numerous other carbon-fiber elements. The tuner also installed a new exhaust system with four trapezoid end pipes. However, if you are interested you will have to pay a total of €16,490 (about $23,000 at the current exchange rates) for this kit.

The tuner is also offering a set of multi-part forged wheels in ten double-spoke design and sized 10-by-22 inches up front and 12-by-22 inches on the rear. For the interior, the tuner used high-quality leather for the seats and dashboard, and numerous other insertions in double clear-coat finish, leather, carbon, or Alcantara.

Fab Design also made a few updates under the hood where it installed a sports exhaust system, sports air filter, and an optimized engine electronic system. The result is an extra 48 horsepower and an extra 60 pound-feet of torque to the V-8 diesel engine. This bumps the SUV’s top speed to 257 km/h (159.7 mph) and gets its o to 100 km/h (62 mph) time down to just 5.4 seconds.

In 2006, Porsche added the Turbo S trim level to its Cayenne lineup, which brought the sport SUV’s already impressive output up to 520 horsepower. The 2007 model year was a one-year break for the Cayenne and when it returned in 2008, the Turbo S was not offered, but it did return again for the 2009 and 2010 model years. It looks like Porsche is going to try again, as it just announced that the Turbo S will make its triumphant return in the 2013 model year.

Much like the 911 Turbo S , the Cayenne Turbo S will share most of its styling and DNA with the step-down Turbo model. The biggest changes between the Turbo and Turbo S models will be some basic creature comfort additions, handling and braking changes, and most importantly, more power!

With the world of performance SUVs starting to get slightly crowded, how well can the top-line Cayenne Turbo S do in this quickly flooding marketplace? Does it really have enough additions over the Turbo model to constitute a price hike and how much is the price hike?

These questions and many more will be answered in our full review.

Updated 10/18/2012: Porsche has unveiled a very cool trailer video for their latest Cayenne Turbo S featuring the SUV in action on the track. Watch Gordon Robertson, Chief Driving Instructor testing the car on the track at its birthplace in Leipzig.

Updated 01/22/2013: Porsche USA has finally announced prices for the top version Cayenne Turbo S. Hit the jump for a full pricing and options list.

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We don’t know if the Irish celebrate Thanksgiving or not, but we’re pretty thankful that Onyx Concept decided to keep themselves busy these days. Fresh off of introducing their new Onyx GST program for the Porsche Panamera , the Irish tuning company is back with another custom program, this time for the Panamera’s big brother SUV, the Porsche Cayenne.

While it doesn’t come with the performance modifications that the Onyx GST has, the Cayenne OTS Edition does have a comprehensive aerodynamic kit consisting of two stages. The first stage program features a new front bumper, modified side skirts, and extended wheel arches. A tailgate-mounted spoiler, a new rear bumper with an integrated diffuser, daytime running lights, carbon fiber trim, and a center-mounted dual exhaust system are also part of this stage.

For an entry level kit, that’s a load of new components. But even if that still isn’t enough, Onyx Concept is offering a stage two package, one that consists of a custom paint finish, a ventilated hood, a new roof spoiler, carbon fiber mirror caps, and a new set of 22" forged alloy wheels.

As for the interior, the Cayenne OTS received some sprucing up, too, in the form of a new sports steering wheel, quilted leather seats, lamb’s wool floor mats, and a carbon fiber trim.

Again, Nino Batista made a photoshoot. Again, it features a hot supercar with a hot woman. Again, it’s awesome.

Really, what’s new?

This time around, the subjects are a Ferrari 599 , a Porsche Cayenne , a TechArt Porsche GT2 - both modified by Autodynamica Performance - and a scantily-clad woman named Amanda Beatz.

We don’t want to beat up on an old horse and say Nino Batista’s skills behind a camera lens are top notch, but when you’re speaking the truth, there aren’t enough times to emphasize that.

These exotic vehicles speak for themselves, but this Amanda Beatz babe really is something else. No need to hide behind that towel, sweetheart. Matter of fact, it’s probably better if you just throw it away. We like your body...actually, we love your body so much we wish we could just stare at it for hours on end.

Which is something we’ll probably do over the next few days.

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Kahn Design is keeping busy releasing a new tuning program every week. So far, they have been focusing on Land Rover models, but this week’s package du jour is for the Porsche Cayenne 3.0 Diesel .

Kahn started by adding a very cool aerodynamic package which includes vented front and rear wide wheel arches with integrated front and rear air dams, a lower boot lid spoiler, and exterior Kahn enamel wing shields. The door handles are finished in matte black, while the brake calipers are finished in liquid gold. They have also opted to put in LED daytime running lights for the front wheel arch vents and privacy tinted glass. The final element of the exterior package is a new set of 22" Kahn RS wheels finished in a color chosen by the customer. There is also a sports lowering module which provides the car with a sportier appearance.

For the interior, the package adds black and carbon quilted and perforated leather with ivory contrast stitching, a black and carbon quilted leather center glovebox, a red and cream colored speedo and rev counter facia, and balck charcoal finish floor mats.

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