Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

Although it made its official debut less than a month ago, the second generation Porsche Cayenne has already received its first tuning package. This package comes from the German tuner, Cargraphic.

A little bummed, we looked at the first teaser image to see what was laid out for us. Unfortunately, details on the tuned-up model were not revealed, but we were able to spot some changes that have been made. These changes include: a roof spoiler, a rear diffuser, and new alloy wheels. We can only imagine there to be a performance upgrade offered as well considering the minor, yet sportier, changes made to the exterior. There would have to be to compete against the previously tuned Porsche Cayenne Diesel by Kahn Design . Of course, they can’t mess it up as bad as the boys over in Dubai did with their chocolate version of the last model.

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Kahn Design revealed a new tuning package for the Porsche Cayenne diesel version. Their Super Sport "S" Package increases the engine’s power to an impressive 300 hp, but also adds some visual upgrades. Leave it to Porsche to create an SUV that can be appropriately tuned by Kahn to boost power and add a fiery edge.

Kahn began the visual upgrades by adding a Kahn front spoiler, billet machined Kahn foot pedals, Kahn stainless steel sill plates, and sports springs that lower the SUV by 30mm. They finish the design by providing white with black and red quilted leather and wheel arch extensions. This car rides atop a choice of 4 Kahn 22" wheel designs.

Kahn would have added about 100 sexy points by choosing a black Porsche Cayenne instead of a white one, but a Porsche is Porsche even if it is just a measly SUV.

TechArt is also offering an Aerokit I tuning package for the 2007-2007 Cayenne and Cayenne S models. To improve the exclusive look Cayenne even in details our exterior designers have created customized applications in carbon fiber, aluminum and chrome optics. Sporty supplements with high-tech feeling, because we are very big in small things.

The styling package includes: side mirror trims, B-& C-pillar trims, window surround trims (8-pieces), tailgate trim, door sill trims and door handles. The aerodynamic package adds front spoiler with integrated headlights, headlight trim, side skirts, rear apron, tail light trim, and rear door contour. The exterior look is finished by massive 22" Formula alloy wheels.

A new stainless performance exhaust and sport springs or control unit for the optional air suspension enhance the performance and handling of this super-SUV. The engine’s output can be raised by up to 100 hp.

The TechArt Magnum program based on the 2004-2007 Porsche Cayenne redefines performance and styling in an extraordinary way. The most exclusive personalization scale is the TECHART Magnum program. The radical change of the new designed body type continues the typical character of the Cayenne models consistently and sets anew standards in exterior design and manufacturing quality.

The exterior "Gun Smoke" package, underline the optical appearance perfectly. It includes: a broad front grill follows, a new front bumper, which is fashioned after TechArt’s 996 Turbo Type II bumper and the front hood with integrated air scoops and dramatic contours.

Technical modifications include high performance brake system, chassis components, engine upgrades and a new sport exhaust. The result is a power upgrade from 360hp to 600hp.

The Magnum package is finished by alloy wheels up to 22", interior enhancements and multimedia systems.

There’s ugly and then there’s a whole new level of ugly. This Porsche Cayenne Turbo might just very well be the poster child for the latter.

We don’t know how anybody could be possessed to dress up their Porsche Cayenne like this, but apparently someone in Dubai decided that it was a good idea to use this color – it’s a brownish-chocolate kind of shade – on a Cayenne.

Over in the Middle East, we’ve seen a lot of exotic cars get dressed up to the nines by their owners. While some of them have succeeded magnificently with their digs, others have whiffed miserably with their choices of color. We don’t need to ask you if you know which group we think the owner of this chocolate/rust-colored Porsche Cayenne Turbo belongs to.

In one word: blech.

Source: GT Spirit

Despite what may seem like a logical move to create a smaller Cayenne – the Roxster - in the way BMW and Audi recently did with the X1 and Q5 crossover, respectively, Porsche is not all too keen on jumping aboard that growing trend.

Instead of cutting into an already strong sales segment – the Cayenne is responsible for about 50 percent of their profits – Porsche has decided to just put even more focus on their SUV to make it stronger than it already is.

Part of the reason why Porsche has been hesitant on producing a smaller SUV that would be slotted below the Cayenne is that it might cut into the sales of their bread-winner in the same way the Q5 did with the Audi Q7 . Tempting as it may sound to open the company to an entirely broader client base with a mini-Cayenne, Porsche is sticking to their guns, which they believe would give them a better long term bottom line.

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Source: Autocar UK

Diesel cars have always been a good option as far as gas consumption is concerned. But, more often than not, their appearance leaves a lot to be desired. This is where tuners come along and work their magic.

For all intents and purposes, the Porsche Cayenne Diesel is a pretty good- looking car but its not as good looking as, say, a Turbo version.

That’s where Cargraphic comes in. The German tuner is offering a customization program that will make your diesel Cayenne look like any other Turbo model. They are offering a matching rear valence along with sports exhaust, heat shield and end pipes, all made in high-grade stainless steel.

And of course, Cargraphic would never pass up an opportunity to upgrade the Cayenne Diesel’s engine from a standard 240 horsepower to 290 horsepower and 630 NM of torque.

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The suspense surrounding the much-anticipated debut of the 2011 Porsche Cayenne has taken another twist after two new photos of the new SUV were supposedly scanned from a French car magazine, “L’Auto Journal”.

This is the second time a photo of the new Cayenne was leaked after Porsche mistakenly put the model on their website only to take it down hours after realizing their mistake.

As far as these new photos of the 2011 Cayenne are concerned, they seem to draw a striking resemblance from the one that was put up in the Porsche website as well spy shots that have surfaced the Internet in the previous months.

Regardless of whether these photos are accurate or not will soon be irrelevant as the new Porsche SUV is set to make its world debut in a week’s time. Then again, it’s still worth the price of speculation, right?

At first glance, this promo shot of the Porsche 911 GT3 Hybrid race car looks normal enough. But if you look closer, you’ll notice that a set of dim headlights are illuminated just right behind the 911 GT3. Care to venture a guess what that car is?

Apparently, that’s the 2011 Porsche Cayenne , which will make its online debut on Tuesday, February 16 – a full two weeks before Porsche lifts the cover on the new SUV at the Geneva Motor Show.

The new Cayenne is expected to carry out as much as five power variants, including a VW-powered 3.0-liter TDI 240 PS V6 engine, a 3.6-liter 280 PS V6, a 4.8-liter 400 PS V8, a turbocharged 500 PS V8 for the Cayenne Turbo, and, of course, a hybrid version.

We have to admit, just like everybody else, the teaser photo of the Cayenne duped us pretty good. We spent so much time checking out the 911 GT3 that we didn’t notice those pair of headlights following it.

Source: Porsche

A high-speed police chase on the Slovenian highway near the city of Maribor ended up with an exotic car crashing into a truck. The sad part is, the driver of the TechArt Magnum wasn’t even its owner.

As it turns out, the police chase stemmed from reports that the TechArt Magnum was stolen a couple of weeks ago in Switzerland and after being identified driving along in Slovenia, local authorities went out and took the criminal for a nice – and fast – thrill ride along the Slovenian highways.

It’s bad enough to crash an expensive exotic car through the fault of the owner. But we do feel terrible for the poor chap that owns this TechArt Magnum. Not only was his car stolen from him, but he ended up with quite a hefty insurance bill to pay.

As far as the Serbian who stole the car, he was – thankfully - apprehended with a little assistance from an unsuspecting truck that just so happened to be in the criminal’s way.

Source: GT Spirit

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