Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman

Porsche tuning firm extraordinaire, RUF , is one of the best in the business at what it does. So much so, that they produce some of the fastest and most powerful Porsche upgrades on the planet.

The latest model of their Cayman-based CTR 3 is a perfect example of that. Already boasting two previous models, the CTR 3 is the epitome of how a Porsche Cayman should be tuned up. On its own, the German sports car is already capable of producing an output of 265 horsepower, thanks to a 2.9-liter inline-six engine, but RUF have put their talents to good use to give the Cayman the proper juicing up. This was done by completely redesigning the car’s look and replacing the existing engine with a more powerful 3.8-liter flat-six cylinder engine with a staggering output of 750 horsepower.

Just in case your math is slow, that’s more than twice the ponies the standard Cayman has. Just goes to show how these guys are one of the best at what they do.

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After the Boxster S Black Edition and the Carrera Black Edition , Porsche has launched the third model in the Black Edition series. It is called the Cayman S Black Edition and will be limited to only 500 units. The new model will go on sale this July and will be priced at $67,500 on the US market.

Like with the other Black Edition models, the new Cayman S Black Edition will be offered with an extra 10 HP under the hood that will push the Cayman in terms of performance. The Cayman’s top speed is increased by 1.24 mph to 172 mph with the PDK and the 0 to 60 mph is improved by a tenth of a second leaving it at 5.0 seconds with the PDK. Not a heart-stopping improvement, but an improvement nonetheless.

The new Cayman S Black Edition will be distinguished by black exterior paint combined with black 19 inch wheels and black partial leather and dashboard trim on the interior.

Updated 08/09/2011: Porsche has unveiled a new promotional video for the special edition Cayman S Black Edition in which they prove that some things need to be black. Enjoy!

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Porsche has found a pretty interesting way to promote their vehicles; releasing a series of commercials that illustrate how their vehicles can be used for everyday activities. The series consists of the "Snowmobile," "Pickup Truck," "Getaway Car," "School Bus," and "Pet Carrier." Yeah, Porsche thinks their cars can manage all of those tasks.

“It’s not only about the weekend joyride. It’s the only car in the world that combines true sports car exhilaration and the drivability for daily use. This campaign brings this fact to life, painting a bigger picture of the real Porsche value proposition, in some cases through the words and images of owners themselves,” says David Pryor, vice president of marketing for Porsche Cars North America.

Of course, whether we agree or not, Porsche has certainly come up with an ingenious way of promoting their 911 , Cayman , and Boxster models, although we just don’t them actually utilizing their personal Porsches for any of these tasks.

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The Porsche Cayman began its life several years ago and immediately threatened the position of the Carrera as Porsche’s top dog in performance. No one quite expected this while the car was in development, but once it hit the market the buzz was everywhere. The Cayman has undergone some major changes throughout it’s run and 2011 adds several previously unavailable features.

As an entry level model for Porsche , the base Cayman still has plenty to offer. It is considered a luxury-sports car and therefore brings strong performance and craftsmanship to the table. Nestled nicely in between a Boxster and a base 911, this entry level Cayman fills what would otherwise be a void in the portfolio. Most Cayman buyers enjoy the Boxster size and efficiency, but also want the torsional rigidity and tighter handling provided by hardtop 911 models. Starting at $51,900 for a manual transmission, this Porsche can give you the best of both worlds.

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In a year that has been full of uncertainty, recalls, and what-have-you, at least one brand is ending it on a really high note.

For better or for worse, Porsche has had a really good year and their fortunes haven’t gone unrecognized by a lot of their peers. The automaker from Stuttgart, Germany is being recognized by a variety of media outlets for a year where it has released a steady diet of high-performance and ultra-popular cars. While some people might think that the company was lucky to have the year it has had, the folks at Porsche would prefer to describe it as “business as usual”.

Over in their homeland of Germany, the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT) listed three of Porsche’s sports as having the best value retention with the Porsche 911 leading the pack, followed by both the Boxster and the Cayman . Thee cars in the top-three. Pretty impressive.

On the other side of the world in the Land Down Under, a jury comprising of eleven motor journalists from the “Sydney Morning Herald”, “The Age” and “drive.com.au" chose the Porsche Boxster as the best convertible of 2010 and more importantly, giving it the “Drive Car of the Year Award” for the second year in a row.

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We got sideswiped just a little at the Los Angeles Auto Show when Porsche unveiled the Cayman R , a vehicle said to be the most powerful mid-engined Cayman ever, as opposed to the CS version that we expected. Don’t get us wrong; it wasn’t a complete letdown, but it just wasn’t what we expected in terms of power and performance. Thankfully, chief of mid-engined cars, Hans-Jurgen Wohler, is giving us that sliver of hope we need in order to keep ours dreams of the Cayman CS alive.

In an interview with AutoCar, Hans-Jurgen Wohler said:
“We now have a new CEO in Matthias Müller and he has some ideas. This is the decision of the board: which car line, which direction."

During this interview he also explained why the Cayman R came out before the Cayman Club Sport. Wohler said: "Use the example of the Boxster Spyder. It’s very ‘sharp’, and you only reach certain volumes with the positioning of that car. With the Cayman R, the day-to-day usability is really another world compared with the Spyder. But a CS version of the Cayman would be like the Spyder in the positioning."

A final decision has yet to be made, but the fact that the Cayman CS is still being talked about as a possibility bodes well for those of us willing to wait for it a bit longer.

Source: Autocar

As one of the most esteemed auto magazines in the world, Car and Driver’s annual “Top 10 Cars” is always a good barometer for automakers to see if one – or maybe two – of their vehicles made it to the list. With a readership that spans the entire world, Car and Driver’s Top 10 list is read by millions of people so it’s kind of a big deal for these companies. From the usual suspects to a number of new surprises, the “Top 10 Cars” will reveal what cars the magazine is highly recommending for the next calendar year.

In determining which cars make it to the list, editor-in-chief, Eddie Alterman explains: “In our testing, we are looking for those automobiles that deliver spectacular value, real driver engagement, and the highest fulfillment of their intended mission.”

He continues: “Our testing takes place over a week on real roads in the real world, marshaling more than 60 new test cars and our entire editorial staff. It’s a real workout, and the best cars on the market emerge victorious."

For 2011, the list has a number of old guards that have made multiple appearances while there are others that are making their inaugural face-time. Just to give you an idea on what to expect, three American, German, and Japanese models made it to the list with the other spot going to a model from South Korea. There are also three cars – the Audi S4 , the Mazda3 , and the Ford Fusion Hybrid – that dropped out of the list, which means that you’re going to be seeing a number of new entries making it to the Top 10.

So without further ado, Car and Driver’s “Top 10 Cars for 2011” after the jump.

Source: Car and Driver
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The German sports-car manufacturer Porsche will be unveiling a new “mid-engined sports car” next week at the Los Angeles Auto Show. This new model will be shown along side two new 911 variants, the GTS, and the Speedster . We don’t have any official word on what this new model might be, but we believe it to be the new Cayman CS .

We have written numerous reports on the CS, which will be powered by a 3.4-liter flat-six with 333 horsepower. This model will feature the same characteristics as the Boxster, with lightness being the name of the game. Sources indicate that the CS should shed about 162 to 184 pounds from the stock vehicle. It will do this by ditching door handles and adding lightweight alloy wheels and aluminum body bits. This should make the CS one heck of a track day vehicle.

We should have the official information next week when the car is launched at the LA show.

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Back in 2005, Porsche was looking for something to slot in the middle of the 911 and the Boxster. It had to be pretty darn good, as the 911 is a legend among car fans and the Boxster was a hit for the automaker. What they came up with was the Cayman .

First launched in the 2006 model year, the Cayman is a coupe derived from Porsche’s second generation Boxster convertible, yet it looks like a 911 in the front. The name Cayman is an alternate spelling of caiman, a reptile in the same family as the alligator. Some thought the name came from the Cayman Islands, but that’s incorrect.

After the first generation Cayman was debuted and widely accepted, the second was introduced on February 21, 2009. The power was upped, the transmission was replaced, and the overall performance was vastly superior to the previous model. As an example, this baby 911 could hit 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds.

UPDATE 12/08/2010: After the LA Auto Show came and went with the unveiling of the Porsche Cayman R, our hopes of seeing a Cayman Club Sport were just about dashed. However, in an interview with Autocar, chief of mid-engined cars, Hans-Jurgen Wohler confirms that the idea of producing a Cayman is still on the table giving us just the sliver of hope we need to hold on to the idea of a CS version for the Cayman.

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New ICW Shoes for Your Porsche

German wheel manufacturers, ICW, have released an all-new design exclusively for selected Porsche models. The twin-five-spoke design, dubbed the i-BI, was inspired by dynamism and power, and is meant to evoke what ICW calls “optical sophistication”. Whatever that may be, one thing is for certain, they look a lot like the current GT3 wheel – with a bit more menace. The wheels themselves are milled from a single block of billet Aluminum making them strong and lightweight – two of the most functional aspects of a performance wheel. Fitment does require the use of high-tensile adapters to get the deep dish look without the nasty rubbing that can sometimes occur. Applications include the Porsche Boxster , Cayman , 911 , or Panamera and will shortly include the Audi R8 and others. Customers have the choice of 18 or 19 inch options, in either hyper silver or matte black. Pricing starts from €244 per corner which is really not bad considering other options for these cars start at around the €300 mark.

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