Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman

It happens in Germany where the Boxster, Boxster S and Cayman, Cayman S models will be available with four new packages: Comfort, Infotainment, Design and Design Sport. The design packages come with exclusive options which were previously reserved for the Boxster Spyder.

Comfort package (2.606 euro) includes: Bi-xenon headlights including dynamic cornering light, dynamic range control, headlight washers and LED daytime running lights, wind deflector, automatic air conditioning, rain sensor, an embossed Porsche crest on the headrests and cruise control for automatic speed control.

The Infotainment package (3.141 euro) includes: Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with touch screen color display, RDS radio with dual tuner, CD / DVD drive and navigation module, Sound Package Plus with 7 speakers and 185 watts total output and mobile phone preparation with Bluetooth interface.

Design package, priced at 3.831 euro includes: 19-inch Boxster Spyder wheel painted in black, dual exhaust tip, roll bar painted in black, mirrors painted in black, air intakes painted in black, model logo painted in black and black air vent.

And finally the Design Sport package, priced at 6.747 euro adds to the Design package a new front lip spoiler and a modified rear spoiler.

It was only a few weeks ago the German sports car make Porsche unveiled the Boxster Spyder , an even lighter version of the entry level open air Stuttgart special. In order to make the Boxster even more competitive, Porsche’s engineers managed to ditch over 150 pounds sports car by using light weight material for larger body parts like aluminum doors before stripping it down to 1275 kg by removing the air conditioner and then the electrically operated convertible top.

Porsche Boxster Spyder

Seeing as the new Spyder was such a success, Porsche plans to apply a similar treatment to the fixed roof version of the baby 911 . The special edition sports car will be called the Porsche Cayman Club Sport and although there is no rag top opening actuators to get rid of the design team from Zuffenhausen has figured out a way to make up for it. Aside from the weight reduction, the Club Sport Cayman’s flat six will put down a total of 320 HP to the rear wheels, a factor that can quickly be translated into enhanced performance.

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This may be the first time that you’ve heard about the Berlin based tuning firm XTR Carchip, but after taking a look at this wide body super sport Porsche Cayman X-Wide, XTR is a name that you won’t soon forget. Built on top of a Cayman S platform, XTR reworked almost every square inch of sheet metal in order to create the track ready machine wearing a set of gold BBS racing rims measuring 18 inches in diameter and shod with sticky Pirelli rubber that lays before you. Complete with a detachable carbon fiber reinforced plastic front splitter for more civilized use and a full jungle gym surrounding a pair of GT3 spec Recaro buckets and matching four point Scroth racing harnesses making it the ideal track day toy.

Porsche Cayman X-Wide by XTR Carchip

Although the X-Wide looks like it is a purpose built fire breathing beast, the mid engine flat six remains a bit tame and only benefits from a Super Sprint Magnum cat back exhaust and a slight ECU retune that brings the wide body Cayman’s maximum output up to 310 HP, raising the car’s top speed to 177 MPH. However this is just the beginning, because XTR is also working on a twin turbocharged version that will produce upwards of 850 HP. So it would appear that the X-Wide is simply a test mule for XTR Carchip’s future plans, and boy do they seem big.

Source: XTR Carchip

An enormous hurricane – Ida, as it was called - ravaged the East Coast a week ago and it’s being hailed as the worst one to hit Virginia and the Carolinas in a long time. And while there’s nothing remotely funny about natural disasters of this magnitude, this photo of a Porsche Cayman getting buried in sand along Cape Hatteras in North Carolina was – in the least bit – mildly amusing.

Good luck getting that out of its sinkhole, and on a more important note, we hope everyone is alright from that part of the US.

Photo credit to Elizabeth from Asylum.

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Legal battles involving trademark claims are nothing new.

This one, however, is a little surprising considering that the two protagonists come from completely different industries.

In the blue corner is German carmaker Porsche . On the red corner, it’s footwear designer Crocs.

Their squabble: the rights to use the name ‘Cayman’ in their products.
Porsche is claiming that the name ‘Cayman’ is trademarked for its exclusive sports car and that Crocs, which sells a plastic cog bearing the same name, should refrain from using ‘Cayman’ again. Predictably, Crocs is staying on course and in a statement that was filed in their quarterly reports, the footwear brand has stated that they will “vigorously defend themselves against these claims”.

We haven’t gotten further comments from the two squabbling brands although if you ask us, we don’t think that these two are risking anything by just letting things go. Apart from catering to distinctively different markets, it must be pointed out that a Porsche Cayman costs around $50,000 while a pair of Crocs Cayman sells for just a shade under $30.
Big difference, don’t you think?

Source: CNN
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The German tuning specialists Techart have just relased a new lineup of high performance modifications for the Porsche Boxster and Cayman models. The aero is available in two flavors, somewhat conservative with only a front lip and a rear wing, or all out including a wide body conversion that includes the LED driving lights, sculpted side skirts, sleeker side mirrors and the Techart Vario or VarioPlus threaded chassis high performance suspenion. Techart is offering a racing exhaust system for the flat six powered Porsches that can be finished off with either a glossy or black chrome finish. The aftermarket manufacturer then utilizes their signature Formula wheel to beef up the diminutive Porsches.

Techart tunes the Boxster and Cayman

The upgrades don’t stop with the exterior, the interior receives a few upgrades like a sport chronometer, TECHART 3 spoke sport steering wheel, new trim on the doors and carbon/stainless steel doorsills with illuminated logos. The sport buckets are wrapped in soft leather and dressed up with decorative stitching in the owner’s choice of colors as well as a trio of aluminum sport pedals and a healthy helping of carbon fiber. So now no matter which Porsche you drive Techart CEO Thomas Behringer has a tuning program for you.

Press release after the jump.

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Porsche Cayman shooting brake is a hoax

The staff of summer inters at TopGear America pulled a fast one on us. Remember the very strange looking Porsche Cayman shooting brake test car that was shot with a camera phone in some Italian back street? Well it was actually shot in an alley in Brooklyn, the car was a computer generated image that was created with Maya 3D drawing software, stitched together with Photoshop and then edited on Final Cut Pro to look like video from a mobile phone. They even went as far as to include a little hint that apparently no one caught on to, a Stig helmet tucked back behind the rear window.

There were three main masterminds behind the scheme. First was former TopGear.com America editor, Jared Holstein along with the renderings of Matt DuVall, a digital arts student at Savannah College of Art and Design and left to manipulate the media was Jon Masters, a master’s student in media studies at the New School in New York City. Holstein guided DuVall through some very meticulous details, like official Porsche development wheels, a front bumper that mimics the Porsche mule car as well as the same license plate number that the German automaker uses.

Porsche Cayman shooting brake is a hoax

Once the digitally enhanced video was produced, Holstein planted it on the TopGear.com America web site while summer intern, Jon Masters, began to post links in various Porsche enthusiast sites as well as the major Automotive online media. Masters then went so far as to create a fake screen shot from Forza 3 and then linked that to other videogame websites, “It was originally posted on a Czech Forza fan site — in Czech to add a layer of deception and plausibility,” Mr. Holstein said. The group claim to have been testing the abilities of digital media as a way to introduce new designs and get a public reaction to a new figure that would traditionally take an automaker a lot of time, money and research to figure out. We’re still saying that they were trying to pull a fast one on us.

The gentlemen from iMotor have jusst put two of tje best sports cars on the market against one another in a head to head competition. From Nissan, the 370Z is powered by a 3.7 Liter VQ37VHR engine with VVEL and is rated at 332 HP at 7,000 RPM and 270 lb-ft of torque at 5,200 RPM. While the Porsche Cayman S is powered by a 3.4 Liter flat six engine cranking out 320 HP. Despite the Porsche’s nature as a more pure driver’s car, there is just something about the 370Z that makes it stand out in the fun to drive category.

Back at the beginning of July, a member of the Top Gear crew caught a very odd looking Porsche Cayman on video, due to the vehicle’s apparent Shooting Brake layout underneath the black vinyl disguise, shortly afterward it was rumored that the car will be featured in the video game, Forza Motorsport 3 . Well we have finaly gotten our hands on the real photo of the future compact sports car. So does this mean we will see the car covered by a cloth at the Frankfurt Motor Show?

From the photo you will notice the absence of b-pillar and bright paint work, perhaps the makings of a concept car. However it does look like something that the modified car specialists at Rinnspeed would have dreamed up. Either way we will get back with more details as soon as they come in.

Source: Jalopnik

With automakers downsizing their collection of vehicles and storage space coming at a premium it is no wonder that manufacturers are turning to the functionality of a hatchback. Mercedes Benz has their concept Fascination , Audi has the Shooting Brake and BMW is still toying around with renderings . So it came as no surprise when a member of the BBC’s Top Gear spotted a very strange looking Porsche Cayman test car that was wearing a rather strange looking black covering over the rear haunches.

Speculators suggested that this would be an all new model for the German sports car maker’s lineup; a shooting brake to go along with the new open air roadster. But alas, the truth has surfaced about the modified Cayman’s true nature. It turns out that there was a large metal hatch underneath the canvas tent, but this is no future production model. Instead the Cayman Shooting Brake was specially developed for the virtual world with a starring role in the Forza Motorsport 3 racing videogame.

Just because the Porsche Shooting Brake is destined for Xbox’s instead of highways, it doesn’t mean that an actual production model is impossible. Consider the GT by Citroen ; this car existed exclusively in the realm of Gran Turismo before the French automaker even considered an actual full scale working model. These days videogames are an important part of an automaker’s market research, the driving simulators give consumers a chance to familiarize themselves with sometimes unconventional automobiles’ physical and performance characteristics in a fun environment that can end up creating an extraordinary amount of enthusiasm about the new vehicle without ever having to stamp any sheet metal.

Source: Forzacentral

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