Porsche GT

Porsche GT

In the mid-1990s, Porsche unveiled the 911 GT1 - a race car specially developed for the GT1 class of sportscar racing. Despite being called a "911," the GT1 had very little in common with the 911: only the frontal chassis was shared with the 993 911 , while almost every other element was borrowed from the Porsche 962 , including the flat-six engine.

During its first appearance at the 1996 Le Mans, the GT1 walked away with a second and third overall finish, as well as first and second in class. Despite these finishes, Porsche still wanted more, so in 1997, they came up with the GT1 Evo - a model that featured aerodynamic tweaks to the bodywork and a revision of the suspension. These changes helped the GT1 score more victories, including a one-two finish at Le Mans in 1998, where it beat out teams from McLaren, Toyota, and Panoz.

Not willing to let the fun rest solely on the track, Porsche set out to make a street-legal version of the award-winning GT1, which is then dubbed the Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion. The model was limited to only 25 units and cost a cool $912,000.

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To me, the Porsche Carrera GT is the best-looking car ever built... ever! The Gemballa Mirage GT treatment makes it even better (gosh I love the aftermarket!). The stock 5.7L 612-bhp V-10 is more than plenty for even the most experienced drivers – just ask Jay Leno – but some people will stop at nothing to have even more power and prestige under their foot. This is where German luxury tuner Gemballa comes in. Sporting a widened body, ultra lightweight flywheel, bigger exhaust, wheel and tire (...)
Porsche hasn’t revealed the Panamera yet and people already talk about a Coupe version that is considered a successor for the 928. Supposed to be called GT Coupe, the new Porsche Coupe will be a strong competitor for the Aston Martin DB9, Bentley Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari 599 Ferrari 599 GTB, and BMW BMW M6. it will be unveiled one year after the Panamera. Comparing to the Panamera, the 928 GT Coupe will have a shorter wheelbase and will loose some weights. This will make it sportier than the sedan. The 928 (...)
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Well, those changes are few indeed: A glass screen mounted between the supplemental safety bars, a seat-height adjustment feature and an additional seat cushion in the thigh area, the chassis number imprinted on the magnesium cover of the center console, a battery trickle-charger included as standard equipment and new color options for both the car’s exterior and its leather upholstery. Those small changes are all designed to further enhance the unprecedented driving experience that (...)

Maximum performance combined with optimum lightweight: TechArt Automobildesign offers one of the world’s most powerful street-legal sports car with the new TechArt GT street S based on the Porsche GT2. 646 hp (475 kW), 0 to 186 mph in 22.9 seconds only and a maximum speed of 211.9 mph are the most important performance figures of this car which is offered starting from $300 000 USD.

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