Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

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Porsche Panamera

Oh the Porsche Panamera . Love it or hate it, it is here to stay and our spy photographers have confirmed that with some new images showing a minor facelift for the sports sedan. The new Porsche Panamera should be showing its new face in time for the 2013 model year and is apparently taking some design cues from the new Porsche 911/991 to dazzle the crowd.

The term facelift is rather appropriate for the future Panamera because as of right now, the vehicle’s "face" is exactly what has received some changes. These images show Porsche’s attempt to hide the new headlights, bumpers, and rearlights that will be showcased on the future Panamera. The front end looks to have taken a page from the new 911’s book, but the rear end is still holding on to the old design...for now. We expect that prototypes displaying the full changes for the facelift will arrive shortly.

As for the engine lineup, we anticipate the current line to carry over, maybe with some performance enhancements for good measure. This will mean a 3.6-liter V6 engine that may be slightly more powerful than the 300hp at 6,200rpm and 295 lb-ft of torque at 3,750rpm it currently delivers. Direct fuel injection, dry-sump lubrication, and “VarioCam Plus” will also carry over, as will the 7-speed PDK transmission.

The list of tuners who have taken a crack at modifying the Porsche Panamera is almost as long as the list of people who baulked at the idea of the Italian sports car manufacturer producing a large sports sedan in the first place. There’s no better marketing strategy for tuning firms than to take a vehicle that is undesirable in the eyes of some and turn it into a must-have for all. Prior Design has tried its hand at just that and, although intricately debonaire, the result is a little less than extravagant.

Prior Design’s new aftermarket kit for the Panamera isn’t exactly all glitz and glamour, nor does it have an incredible boost in power to entice the Porsche naysayers. What it does have is a touch of simplicity and class that refines the sports sedan for those that didn’t think there was anything wrong with it to begin with. This is done with subtle additions of an add-on front spoiler lip, a new rear diffuser, front light covers, and carbon bars for the bumper’s air intakes. Spray the Porsche down with some black as night paint and the sultry look of the Panamera is revealed.

The Porsche Panamera by Prior Design isn’t as fast as the Panamera Stingray GTR by TopCar , nor does it have the extensive exterior modifications done on the Panamera GrandGT Carbon Fiber by TechArt , but anyone looking to slightly improve their vehicle’s look would be more than satisfied.

Prices for the Porsche Panamera PD 570 by Prior Design are only available upon request, so anyone interested in this subtle modification should give them a call.

On the day before the Frankfurt Motor Show opened its doors to the public, German tuning company, Anderson Germany, provided an awesome appetizer for what lies ahead with their new tuning program for the Porsche Panamera Turbo.

Made up of aerodynamic and performance improvements, Anderson Germany made sure to give the Panamera Turbo an extensive round-up of upgrades. For the body, the noticeable changes include a new radiator grille, headlight borders, a carbon fiber hood with air intakes, redesigned side air intakes, a lightweight boot lid, and a set of 22" black wheels with red borders. As options, Anderson Germany is also offering tinted headlights and taillights. Inside, the Panamera Turbo gets a fashionable makeover with plenty of carbon and carbon leather, Alcantara upholstery with matching red stitching, PS3 and DVD functions, and a whole new sound system set-up.

Then there’s that thing you can find under the hood: the engine. Thanks in part to a new exhaust system and software upgrades, the Porsche Panamera’s twin-turbo V8 engine sees an increased output from the standard 500 horsepower to 585 horsepower.

Anderson Germany has produced many projects in the past that are far more powerful than this particular program, but the combination of stylish aesthetics and modest performance boost is always an attractive option, especially for a car like the Panamera Turbo.

Auto brands aren’t the only names that are coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show; some of the world’s most prominent tuning brands are also coming in force to show off their latest programs. One of these brands is German tuning company, Hamann, which will be introducing their new Paragon program for the Porsche Panamera . Though the program is still under development, the word is that it’s going to come with an extensive aerodynamic package that will also be complimented by a modest performance boost.

As far as the aerodynamics are concerned, the Paragon Panamera will receive a new and aggressive front bumper with large air intakes, and LED daytime running lights. In addition, the program will also carry a new hood, wider wheel arches, a new rear bumper and rear diffuser, a huge rear wing, a new exhaust system with two large central tail pipes, and a set of 22" dark-finished forged wheels.

With all the parts in tow, the Paragon Panamera will be 60 mm wider than the stock version of the car, and with an upgraded suspension system, the ride height is also lowered by as much as 30 mm. Inside, the Panamera will receive a posh dress-up that includes plenty of leather and Alcantara, aluminum pedals, and a plethora of other interior options.

Then there’s the engine. With the help of the new exhaust system, together with a new engine management unit, Hamann was able to boost the output of the Panamera’s twin-turbo V8 engine from the standard 500 horsepower all the way up to 580 horsepower.

Hamann’s Paragon Porsche Panamera is scheduled to have a space at the coming Frankfurt Motor Show so if you’re in the area, drop by Hamann’s booth to check out their latest high-speed project.

Porsche has unveiled the official details on the seventh model in the Panamera line-up. The new Turbo S is the most powerful version and, of course, the most expensive one as well. On the US market sales will begin later this spring with an MSRP of $173,200. The car will make its first appearance at the New York Auto Show on April 20th, 2011.

With the new Panamera Turbo S, Porsche has combined ultra high performance and efficiency, sports-car-like driving dynamics, and first-class comfort in just one car. Under the hood Porsche has placed a 4.8 liter, V8 biturbo engine that delivers an impressive 550 HP, a 50 HP improvement over the previous Turbo version. This is more than enough power to sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and hit a top speed of 190 mph. We get all of this while receiving a fuel economy of 23 mph (highway).

Throughout multiple Porsche lines, the Turbo S model has made an appearance and remains today as the range topping model. Some models are more inclined to find a buyer for an ultra-performance version, but other manufacturers have found success with the same formula. The Mercedes S-class has even more model variations than the Panamera, but even the ridiculously powerful S65 with a bi-turbo V12 has found plenty of takers. One of the biggest hurdles Porsche may face is the fact that the basic Panamera is less than beautiful and the Turbo S model is hard to distinguish.

UPDATE 07/20/11: Porsche has been on a trailer fix the past few days and it continues with the release of the latest video promoting the 2012 Panamera Turbo S. This comes a day after the company released the first official teaser video of the next-generation 911. Not that we mind because the new Panamera Turbo S is about as beautiful a Porsche as you can find in the market these days. Click the photo above to watch the trailer!

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Porsche has made headlines in the industry with its Panamera 4-door sedan since it hit the market in 2009 as a 2010 model. Contrary to many of the company’s other models, the Panamera had many critics. Not only did the idea of a 4-door Porsche rustle purist’s feathers, but the design and styling left many scratching their heads. From some angles the car is impressive and echoes the sports car heritage that made the company famous, but when viewing the rear it’s hard to imagine exactly what the designers were thinking.

Design aside, the Panamera puts up startling performance figures in Turbo trim and made the automotive press take a step back to examine it further. Three models were offered for 2010, each with a V8 engine under the hood pushing 400hp and the Turbo at 500hp. New for 2011 will be the addition of two V6 models with the engine being designed by Porsche specifically for duty in its flagship sedan. The increased fuel economy and lower sticker price are the main reasons driving Porsche to offer this model.

With the strong performance of the 500hp Turbo model being much of the reason why enthusiasts gave the car a second look, can a V6 Porsche sedan keep up with the pack?

UPDATE 07/15/2011: Porsche recently set out to the Shanghai International Circuit with the Panamera Turbo to break the lap speed record for a four-door production car. They succeeded with a lap time of 2:29.640 minutes, but we can’t find any mention anywhere of the original record. Was the Panamera a Turbo the maiden four door vehicle? That’s what it looks like, leaving Porsche to look a little silly for the announced "achievement." THat being said, a record is a record, so check out the video to watch it in action!

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Kahn Design has a thing for sticking to certain models until they have provided a number of solutions to the standard look. Their focus is usually on improving the overall look for the exterior and interior of the vehicle and we can’t think of a time when this British tuning firm has failed us. Earlier this year, they provided the world with their RS600 package for the Porsche Panamera that brought out the sportier and more aggressive side to the sports sedan and now a second package is rolling out of their grounds. This time, styling is the only focus with the result being a lower, longer, and wider Panamera.

The overall bigger look of the Panamera begins with the wheels found on the previously mentioned RS600 package. These wheels cement the stance of the Panamera, which is then accentuated by a 10 piece wide-arch kit, rear roof spoiler, and front and rear air dams. Further styling is provided with integrated front LEDs with vents. Inside the luxury sports sedan is a customary blend of leather, carbon, and wood.

In a sports sedan that already features a 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces 300 horsepower and 295 lb/ft of torque, it’s the small styling additions such as the ones provided by Kahn that can truly polish it off just right.

Ohio-based tuning specialist, Switzer Performance, is fast making a name for itself in the aftermarket industry, having created a growing number of projects that include the Nissan GT-R E900 and the Porsche 911 GT2 .

Their latest program is for the Porsche Panamera Turbo and as you can expect, Switzer gave it a robust tuning upgrade. They added their newly developed P680 hardware on the German luxury saloon’s 4.4-liter V8 engine and its resulting output from the standard 500 horsepower and 516 lb/ft of torque to a mouth-watering 680 horsepower and right about 700 lb/ft of torque.

In addition to the P680 hardware, the added boost in output was also aided by the addition of a new intercooler system and the company’s own Siemens ECU upgrade. All in all, the Switzer-tuned Panamera Turbo is now capable of hitting 0-60 mph in a little over three seconds with a top speed of 215 mph. The whole package is now available for a base price of $22,000, which may sound like a fortune, except for the fact that it does give the Panamera enough boost to become a gnarly monster.

For that price tag, it’s good enough for us.

Russian tuner, Topcar, has apparently been on a mission to develop the biggest and baddest tuning package for the Porsche Panamera Turbo . They started off with the creation of a 542 HP Panamera and then went to sketches of a newer 600 HP model before finalizing their package with a maximum output of a whopping 700 HP! The Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR will be limited to only 25 units, with each tuning upgrade priced at 45,000 euro, or about $63,500 at the current exchange rates. By the way, four of them have already been sold.

The engine boost was provided by the addition of a new sport air filter, intake manifold, motronik, and valved exhaust system that got the Panamera up to the 600 HP mark. With a few more add-ons requested by the customer, TopCar will get that bite up to 700 HP.

The exterior was also worked on to balance out the awesomeness of this package. TopCar modified most of the Panamera’s body, including bumpers, the bonnet, front and rare fender extenders, front and rear doors, and side skirts. The tuner then went on to add extended wings, advanced air vents, sharp outlines for the blade front bumper and bonnet, strongly-marked rear diffuser, and a spoiler on the boot lid. Each interior for the 25 units produced will be treated as an individual design project and will be modified according to the customer’s preferences.

TopCar has proven that some things just get better with age. Hey, maybe if we wait a little bit longer they’ll come out with an 800 HP version of the Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR!

It’s always interesting when one tuning firm completes a project and that same project gets another once-over from a different company. We’ve just seen this scenario with the Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG Hamann Typhoon and Specialty Car Craft’s own interpretation of the vehicle, and now Platinum Motorsport is doing the same thing with a Porsche Panamera tuned by Mansory .

The Panamera started its day with the Mansory kit which includes a new front skirt with adapted LED daytime running lights, a striking bonnet made of carbon fiber, an enormous carbon diffuser, centrally located double end pipes, and 21-inch rims on Michelin Pilot Sport tires. The 4.8L engine was already pumped up with an ECU upgrade, larger turbo chargers, and a stainless steel sports exhaust system that increased the output from 500 HP to 690 HP. With the new output, the sprint from 0 to 60 mph is made in less than 4 seconds, while top speed goes of 204 mph.

Yes, that kit does seem to be complete already, but Platinum Motorsport thought it better to provide the sports sedan with a new set of 22" Agetro M140 painted in black and a sleek black exterior paint job. They say that sometimes by giving a little, you get a lot; we think these minor modifications illustrate that point.

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