Porsche Turbo

Porsche Turbo

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Vorsteiner V-RT

The California based tuners Vorsteiner have just released their latest racing technologies package for the current generation Porsche Turbo . The package consists of a complete aerodynamic alteration of the Porsche’s body panels to create a more functional design that can slice through the air. Vorsteiner also fitted the V-RT 997 with a set of the company’s own 3 piece forged rims measuring 20 inches in diameter.

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SpeedART revealed details on the BTR 630 based on the 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo . Why BTR 630? Simple: because it delivers a total of 630 hp (a 130 hp increase over the 500 hp for the standard model).

SpeedART BTR 630

The aerodynamic package includes a front chin spoiler and adjustable rear wing. The output increase has been possible thanks to a modified VTG-turbo chargers, headers, sport exhaust with sound switch, sport catalysts, sport air filter and ECU-update.

The BTR 630 sits on 20" wheels type LSC-FORGED and features a Sport suspension with PASM and stabilizer kit.

Porsche 911 (998) Turbo spy shot

Porsche is preparing the next generation 911 (998) and the first test mule of the Turbo version has been spotted testing. The car will get the full 998 treatment including more upright headlights. One of the more peculiar elements from this spy shot is the door mirrors mounted directly on the door body, which has not yet been seen on any other 998.

Porsche will not stray far from the usual formula with the new turbo. It will still be powered by a water-cooled flat-six engine, only now the automatic transmission available will be the quick-shift PDK dual-clutch transmission. Expect the next generation 911 Turbo by 2011.

The Porsche 911 Turbo models are offered with new 19-inch RS Spyder wheels. The most outstanding feature of these forged aluminum lightweight wheels with their seven U-shaped double spokes is the unique, newly developed central locking. Instead of the wheel nuts generally used in motorsport, these very special wheels come with wheel bolts fastening the new 19-inch RS Spyder wheels firmly and safely on the wheel bearing.

Porsche 911 comes with new 19-inch RS Spyder wheels

The innovative security mechanism on the wheel bearing is made up of a cartridge fitted in the wheel hub with spring-mounted security bolts. Standing out clearly and impressively, the bolts on the new central locking are eloxy-plated in titanium colour and thus differ clearly and distinctly from the silver-coloured paintwork on the 19-inch RS Spyder wheels.

After giving the 911 Carrera , Carrera 4S and Targa a minor facelift (as well as a through reworking), Porsche is now focusing on touching up the 911 Turbo.

Although the world debut will be made in January at the Detroit Auto Show, we can already see that the new turbo will get the same front and rear bumper treatment of the lesser 911s. Also, the "whale tail" spoiler that has always distinguished the turbo model will be reduced in size and distinction. The new upgraded turbo engine, probably displacing 3.8-litres, is said to make an extra 20hp from the previous generation (and will likely make the Nissan GT-R tremble).

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Another world record smashed: the 9ff GT9 hit an incredible speed of 409 km/h becoming the fastest road-going vehicle in the world.

9ff breaks the world-record for road-going vehicles

The 9ff GT9 accelerates to 100 km/h in only 3.4 seconds, to 200km/h in only 8.2 seconds and the digital display of the instrument panel shows the 300 km/h in unbelievable 16.4 seconds. The source of power for this overwhelming power is a modified motor from the Porsche 996 Turbo.

9ff breaks the world-record for road-going vehicles

The water-cooled 6-cylinder horizontally opposed engine with 4 liters cubic capacity and dry sump is equipped with two exhaust twin turbo chargers, titanium connecting rods, forged pistons and a 24 carat hard gold plated induction plate. Thereby, the high-tech aggregate achieves sensational 987 PS / 726 kW at 7,850 r.p.m. The maximum torque of 964 Nm is reached at 5,970 r.p.m.

After unveiling the 911 Carrera and Carrera 4 last month, Porsche is now working on a facelift version of the Porsche 911 Turbo convertible, which launches next year.

Like the recently launched version, the Turbo Convertible will also feature a direct injection engine and the Porsche’s ’PDK dual-clutch gearbox.

The power will increase with 20-30 hp, meaning it will go beyond 500bhp. Also direct injection also means that the Turbo will be around 15 percent more economical than before.

Source: AutoCar

Porsche revealed the 911 Carrera and the 911 Carrera 4 facelift until now. Next spotted was the 911 Turbo, both coupe and cabrio versions. They were testing, at Nürburgring of course!

The 911 Turbo will be powered by a 3.6 liter boxer engine with an increase of 20 hp, meaning 500 hp when will be launched.

Like the recently launched models, the 911 Turbo will feature bi-xenon headlights and new LED daytime driving lights.

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As you know Project Khan represents an exclusive tuning company specialised in tuning the most luxurious vehicles. Today, the British company unveiled its customization programme for the Porsche 997 Turbo .

Porsche 997 Turbo by Project Khan

The tuning programme consists in adding new 20” alloy wheels, new suspension kit which lowers the car with 20 mm and tinted glass smash & grab for the body work. Price of the kit: 4,500 pounds or $8,900.

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Sportec is ready to present its new masterpiece inspired from the famous Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet . There some stunning changes brought to the new Turbo Cabrio, but the most important is a special sport-exhaust system together with a Sportec turbocharger. The system is combined with high-performance catalysts and increased air flow to the powertrain.

Due to all this combinations the new Sportec SP600 promises a power output of 600hp, with 765Nm of torque and the performance of reaching 100 km/h in no more than 3.3seconds, 10.6 to reach 200km/h and a top speed of 338km/h. With regards to the body kit, there are mostly optional things so you can choose to keep a low profile on the streets.

Sportec SP600

For those who want to make the difference on the street with their new SP600 there are many choices available like custom 20” rims, side skirts, 3- part rear apron, a front spoiler and a large carbon rear wing. The Sportec collection includes also some other intresting models like the base model Sportec SP530 and the top of the line SP680.

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