1971 Porsche 916

Porsche Cayman is for sure a car every one has hard about, and many have the chance to drive it. But how many of you know about its predecessor, the Porsche 916? However the car never made it to production, and there were only 11 prototypes produced.

Porsche 916

The 916 was to be priced at $14,000 - the most expensive Porsche at that time. That was considerably more than the highest priced 911 which cost around $10,000 and with sales declining, Porsche dropped the idea of building it. The Porsche 916 was intended as a competitor for the Ferrari 246 Dino.

The 916 takes over the raw body from the 914/6. The roof is permanently welded to the body. The fenders must be widened to make enough room for the 7-inch wide light alloy wheels. The 916 is also fitted with the brakes and 2.4 litre motor from the 911 S.

The 2341cc, fuel injected engine delivered a total of 190 hp at 6500 rpm and utilized the Type 915 transaxle. The 916 was the fastest accelerating road sport car Porsche built at that time and was capable of a top speed of 145 mph.

Porsche 916

One 916 was built to US specs and on delivery to the USA.


The neon green(If I’m right?) paint looks so cute for this car. I don’t think its ugly,
its just happened that during those days this kind of style is in.

Keep in mind, by the mid-’70s, emissions-strangled Detroit iron was lucky to do 0-60 in less than 10 seconds. By 1974, even Camaro Z28s and 351-powered Mustangs had trouble breaking the 8-second mark.

The last 914 I drove around Thunder hill was an absolute blast. One man’s potent, maybe another man’s pedestrian.

I like the vintage style of this car. The headlights and the body style makes it more vintage.

It’s nice to know that Porsche in this era is not like that anymore. The designer’s taste way back then is totally ugly.

It’s even uglier than Porsche 914. What were they thinking putting it on the spot and the color really disgust me.

Wow, I actually haven’t seen it before. I heard that Porsche used to be a lot different, different from the 80’s or 90’s version but I didn’t know that it was this different. Well, if it were that expensive then it might have been a great car.

I think restoring this piece of machine can cost a lot, but this piece of machine can make you rich or sometimes popular.

This is what a worth-keeping car means. You have several reasons to keep this. The layout is unique and the fact that it is vintage, you will only make other collectors envious of you.

Correct me if I am wrong.. but while Porsche was launching the 911.. the prototype name was 991 and I think that PEUGEOT had a similar model out with that numbering.. so Porsche decided to change the numbering.. and the rest as they say time and time again.. is HISTORY!

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