2010 Porsche Cayenne Turbo two-door Coupe by Merdad

The name "Merdad" might not mean anything to a lot of people. If it doesn’t necessarily mean anything to you, don’t worry. After doing a little bit of reading of our own, we are here to shed a little light on this brand new company. The owner of this newly launched British company once worked with Gemballa . Now, we all know Gemballa had to close its doors recently due to a series of events beginning with the mysterious disappearance of the company’s founder, Uwe Gemballa. Now that he no longer has a position there, he has decided to start on his own little venture. The first project announced is a two-door Coupe version of the newly launched Porsche Cayenne . Quite a start-up vehicle, wouldn’t you say?

While Merdad only offered a few photos, they did announce that the tuning kit will come with 750 HP and a sporty interior. Of course there will also be a new body kit and a new set of wheels.

Stay tuned for more details!


I could actually see it selling main stream if they took away the body work. Jeep did it with the Cherokee in the 90s

Does the cayenne has a two door coupe or the merdad just taken of the back door?

I think it is my first time I’ve heard about the car tuners from Merdad. Well, I guess they don’t get the car lovers taste because unfortunately the package feature an unaggressive body kit with revised fascias, new side skirts, and massive wheels.

This should come with a gun in the trunk so the owner of this ugly thing can commit a suicide

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