2010 Porsche Panamera by Project Kahn

Everyone knows that Project Kahn is all about discreet, but styled tuning. And their latest package offered for the Porsche Panamera is no exception. Well, except for the fact that they use pretty much the same technique as they did on the Porsche Cayenne back in May, but hey, whatever works.

Starting off the twin package is a new set of wheels and a triple exhaust integrated in the rear outlets. The tuner also hooked up the Panamera with a modest body kit and a few interior modifications in which details have not been given. Being that Project Kahn doesn’t usually mess with the engine, we’re not surprised to see that the Panamera’s 500hp has not been touched. They just threw in some extra pieces and painted the exterior black to make this Panamera come to life. And with a top speed of 189 mph (if you opt for the Sport package) who could ask for more from a luxury sedan?


Definitely eye catching but if I was actually going to buy one I think I’d still stick with the solid black.

I think this vehicle name is too generic. Its not descriptive enough. I think there needs to be a few more describable words in there.

I guess I would like to see what a blend of the two could be. Take the V6, and use the hybrid to give it V8 performance...with the fuel economy that beats the plain V6!

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