2011 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet by Renntech/Akrapovic

Doing our usual internet surfing, we came across a very interesting little project by Renntech. Known for overhauling the insides and outsides of Mercedes models, the Florida-based tuning house took a walk on the wild side by turning their attention to the Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet . Together, Renntech and newly minted partner, Akrapovic, have brought out the beast in this Porsche with a spectacular engine upgrade.

Renntech began by providing an ECU modification for the 911 Turbo Carbio, and then Akrapovic took over by adding a new sports exhaust system. These additions got the the standard 500hp up to a much faster 600hp and 660Nm of torque. Nothing was said as to how this boost improved the Porsche’s performance numbers, but we can only imagine that a 100hp jump makes a big difference.

Check out the video after the jump to see and hear the new power in action. From the angles provided, we can’t really tell if any extensive exterior modifications were made, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the usual bumper, wing, and wheel upgrades were done as well.

Source: Renntech


I agree on you allan_tom, yes I think this car really looks ugly compare to the other production of the Porsche I just wonder whats happening on their creative team?

Renntech/Akrapovic is an expert I would say when it comes to modification! And I’m sure that the new sports exhaust system that will be offered by the 911, would definitely increase the performance of the engine.

Yay! The ugliness of this car is very persuasive. I really don’t mind about the color! This is the worst looking car that I have seen.

Yes I know I’m nitpicking, but I love the English language and believe that professional writers should excel at their craft. That means getting the basics right. Check your facts, check your spelling and hire a good proofreader.

This is a nicely written article. I like the reference to the driver getting "an eyeful of nothing". But these typos and grammatical errors make it harder to enjoy.

The Speedster looks horrible! Old primitive technology. And the worst is ..its not even electric!

Wow, nice new angles from Porche 911. And amazing power as always from Porsche. If you want to speed up to 60 mph in just a couple of seconds, this
is a new Porsche car to consider.

Although the naturally aspirated 911 gets a revised platform with new styling for 2005, the ’05 Turbo soldiers on with the existing platform.

Although the naturally aspirated 911 gets a revised platform with new styling for 2005, the ’05 Turbo soldiers on with the existing platform.

well the first step was to install a custom exhaust that was delivered by Akrapovic, with the move being followed by the introduction of a Renntech proprietary ECU software.

This was no problem for Renntech, who decided to pretend that there was no elephant in the room. The tuner plugged its connector into the vehicle’s OBD socket and started playing.

well To fully understand the Tiptronic Turbo cabriolet, it must be viewed as a different animal than the manual Turbo, which is a no-nonsense beast for those who appreciate performance above all else.

What makes the Turbo unique is that raising or lowering the top can be done at up to 31 mph. No more holding up traffic at stoplights as you wait for the top to complete its duty.

yeah me too I was impressed when I read the article about it, but they haven’t released much information about it. so we have to wait for further news and details about this baby.

what? two tuners in one car? dang I was impressed for I bet 911 turbo competitors is now getting ready to smoke this one but for sure they’ll going to have a hard time beating it.

GT-R is a phenomenally fun car to own. You feel the G forces, unlike a play station.

I don’t think all of the under-steer should be attributed to the tires... the fact that 54% of it’s 4,000lbs weight is on the front tires has something to do with it as well.

You had to point out that grille! I was in love with the car until I glanced back after your post!

I like the center locking lug look, I’d like to see how much less this weighs verses 5 lug nuts

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