2011 Porsche 997.1TT EVT1500 "Mayhem" by Evolution Motorsport

This is Mayhem. Mayhem is a bright, flat-red Porsche 997 that has been tuned to high-heavens by Evolution Motorsports. The Arizona-based tuning company has cultivated a reputation as one of the premiere American tuners of German cars with Mayhem being the latest one of ’em.

So how exactly did this particular 997 earn the nickname ’Mayhem’? Apart from the carbon fiber accents, this Porsche doesn’t look like it got so much of an aerodynamic and performance upgrade treatment from the people over at Evolution Motorsports. That is, until you look for the ’EVT 1500’ stickers found on the bottom of the doors. What looks to be a standard Porsche 997 is anything but.

That ’1,500’ figure is actually the amount of output this car is capable of. That’s right, folks. This particular 997 has an ungodly total of 1,500 ponies under its hood. To achieve that number, Evolution Motorsports took the stock 997’s 3.6-liter engine and modified it to obtain an extra .4 liters of displacement, turning it into a 4.0-liter twin-turbo H6.

As a result of of the modifications, ’Mayhem’ turned out to be one of the stars at the recently-concluded Texas Mile in March 2011. At the event, Mayhem, with all of its 1,500 horsepower ready to pounce, ran a face-splitting 234.6 mph. Welcome to the big leagues, Mayhem.

Check out the video of the Mayhem’s run by clicking on the picture above, then click next to see the Porsche’s prep work before the race!


Porsche 997.1TT EVT1500" Mayhem" is such an ordinary concept of the car ever made. It is no doubt that the car is actually had a big chance to get the attention of the crowd. 

Make me wanna say this German car turns into a good standard for racing evolution that was actually made fort his event. The total output capacity makes the engine a horse power ability that works so well.

I don’t know if its only in the video or this car really looks outdated? Though I have to say that I’m impress with the performance of the car is quite impressive!

Yeah, imagine if they have called this one with some cutesy names. People will definitely be going to scratch their heads when they see this one zoom past.

That’s actually one of the best aspects of this car. It really doesn’t look all that aggressive aesthetically, but you will be surprised to see how powerful it is on track.

I agree with you. However, looking at the aesthetic of the car its not really aggressive looking but its quite amazing on how it performs during the Texas Mile event.

It seems that Evolution Motorsports did an amazing job. Upgrading the engine power is not that easy task! No wonder, why Mayhem has been one of the star during the Texas Mile.

Wow, they have actually run this in the Texas Mile. Well, that is definitely one way to test the upgrades that they did on the car, which are quite amazing.

Well, that the 1500 hp figure is a clear indication that they indeed made a a modification of the engine. I wonder what they did to the engine to get that amount of output.

IMO, i don’t think that this car has undergone an upgrade on its engine performance. However, this old folks shows us in the video on how real iconic car blast on the race track!

Well, considering the amount of performance upgrades that this one got, I would say the name Mayhem is pretty apt. it will certainly cause mayhem in the tracks.

Well now, that’s certainly a good look for a 997, it has very clean lines and the wheels actually fit in nicely with the overall look of the. Mayhem seems to be an inappropriate name.

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