2011 Porsche Cayenne Radical Star by Met-R

Tuners really love Porsche ’s latest models, especially the new generation Cayenne which has seen more than its fair share of tuning packages. Until now we’ve seen lots of tuning packages coming straight out of Germany, but Russian tuning firm, Met-R, has decided to take the Cayenne under their tuning wing and created a package that includes an aggressive body kit and an impressive engine update. The package may actually be a little familiar as Met-R has used it once before on the BMW X6 Interceptor .

Their package is called the Radical Star and offers an aggressive front fascia, wheel arch extensions (which add 100mm in width), and a carbon fiber rear diffuser. And with a name like Radical Star, it shouldn’t be surprising that this newly tuned vehicle is covered in star graphics.

Under the hood, the twin-turbo 4.8-liter V8 engine has been upgraded to deliver 556 HP, an increase of 63 HP over the standard Cayenne Turbo model. In order to obtain this increase the tuner made some ECU modifications and added a high-flow air filter.

If you’re interested in ordering this kit just know that the Russian tuner is asking $25,260 for the complete kit.

Source: Met-R


I don’t like the face of this car its bloat loaded. It seems that they have putted too much inter cooler! However, it has an awesome power an I bet it would be better if they are going to upgrade into supercharged!

For all the Porsche brand, the Cayenne has been so flexible when it comes to modification. Cayenne has hybrid version and hatchback. At least there’re a lot of options to choose from.

this is wrong in so many ways but i love it. but one thing don’t the wheels look exactly like the ones techart offers ?

That all applies to Cadillac Escalade. Well I don’t like this design personally at all. I prefer their Turbo S package. This one is too much. When you are inside one, is quite a nice feeling. But personally I wouldn’t buy it.

Looks like it was designed by the same guy who did the Nissan Juke. Nothing flows, all choppy. Not a good angle at any view. FAIL!

It looks like belong in the circus with a painted face. Why would you want a SUV with a huge horse power anyway. Buy a real sports car instead!

well for sure it would costs a forune... with its distict design and amazing stance I’m sure every penny is worthy.

White again? Common dudes, pick some other colors, there are millions!

Finally a Porsche Cayenne that I like! smiley The front is great, possibly a bit too much details in there but maybe this is what is making this one special smiley

this is wrong in so many ways but i love it. but one thing dont the wheels look exactly like the ones techart offers ?

The aftermarket developer doesn’t want to tell us how it has played with the engine, so we’ll have to guess: the aforementioned exhaust, a sports air filter and an ECU remap.

looks very aggressive with those airvents, also the side skirts are impressive, dang I really want to have one of those.

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