2011 Porsche Cayenne Vantage 2 by TopCar

The Russian automotive beauty experts, TopCar , are taking yet another opportunity to remodel the new generation Porsche Cayenne by providing another package with exterior and interior updates. It is called the Vantage 2 and is basically the non-GTR version of the Vantage GTR2 provided by the same tuner.

For the exterior, the package adds a long list of carbon fiber elements, including a new front spoiler bumper, front fender extensions, and a new bonnet. More carbon can be found on the side skirts, rear spoiler, roof spoiler, rear fender wings, and diffuser with LED brake light strip. The package also includes a new set of wheels available in either 22" or 23" dimensions. The interior only gets cleaned up with hand-crafted leather and different aluminum insertions.

However, the most impressive changes were made under the hood. Much like its GTR partner, the Vantage 2’s 4.8 liter twin-turbocharged V8 version has been tweaked to deliver 760hp, up from the standard 500hp. Mum’s the word on the new performance numbers as of yet, but we’ll pass them along as soon as we get them.


Sad to say, but its brother Cajun has never been a hit during its debut. Well, maybe its the reason why the Cayenne is still here! Well, the good thing about this car is its been so flexible for modification and upgrades.

hmm. I think this car has been the favorite among aftermarket company! Well, this car is almost perfect and giving it some upgrade would be the great thing to await. 

Recently, Porsche have rolled off this production and make way to its successor Cajun. But honestly, I’m quite impress withe performance of the Cayenne more than Cajun.

The ugliest taillights that I have ever seen. And the rims are just so awesome that in some point it doesn’t suit to the car at all. I rather choose 911 Turbo!

I’m not sure about other people, but I’m getting a strong hint of Fiat 500 from that rear 3/4 angle shot.

IT could have been a bit more sinister what with the 666 HP number its sporting!

I mean, I know its sarcasm, but honestly, if you go to Autoblog’s image gallery and flip back and forth between the old and the new, it kind of does look like a photoshop.

It seems like the 2011 Porsche Cayenne has been a good boy, as the vehicle has received yet another present, in the for of a new aftermarket package. The tuning kit doesn’t come from Santa Claus - it is actually offered by Russian tuner TopCar.

WOW! I really don’t like Porsche Cayenne, but this one looks so much better than stock. Just these vents behind the rear wheel arches are unnecessary. Other than that looks fine. I still don’t like the car, but it’s much more bearable.

well it’s all about the pride of having the porsche. but I agree with you the V6 santa fe CRDI can perform well just like the porsche.

I still don’t know that the car can justify that kind of money, however, the actually production version does look pretty awesome.

you know what.. it is not as half as bad as I would have imagined.. maybe its the color.. anyways.. if i had the money.. i’ll either get a rangie.. or if i wanted a porsche a 911.. i’ll be a happy dog.. smiley

Apart from the odd rims, Gemballa could approve of this. However, standard looks far better!

Sorry about the passing of Uwe and all that. However, I tend to look for silver linings in life. My silver lining was, now that he gone, the world spared from CRAP like this.

Gemballa, I am sorry, but when I hear "Porsche Toranado" I think of an unholy union between an Oldsmobile and a Porsche.If this was what you were going for then good job guys.

considering the current turbo is already 200lbs lighter than the X5M/X6M, dropping another 400 or so lbs allowing it to easily undercut the porkers from Bimmer by a staggering 500lbs may just get BMW to focus on building driver focused cars again, ironically.

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