2011 Porsche GT3 Snowmobile by Magnat

We don’t know if German tuner, Magnat, is just really late or really early, but they have just revealed a new tuning package for the Porsche GT3 called "Snowmobile." Yeah, it’s a tuning package called ’Snowmobile’ and they revealed it at the start of Summer. Luckily, the only thing the vehicle has in common with snow is its snow white exterior paint job, and maybe the snow bunny strategically placed on the side. Other than that, Magnat has provided the Porsche GT3 with a boost in power and first class Hi-Fi equipment.

For the engine update, the tuner has built in a motor electronics adaptation, a modified exhaust system with sport catalysts, and suction tubes optimization. This step is the "RS step 3" and will increase the engine’s power from a standard of 435 HP to 462 HP, while top speed will be also increased to 197 mph.

Other than the pure white exterior paint job and black racing stripes, the only other modification done to the outside of the vehicle is a new set of 19" Ultraleggera HLT CT by OZ wheels. That’s because most of the tuner’s attention was focused on the interior. Magnat added leather and Alcantara, as well as high gloss paintwork, but the pièce de résistance is a 2,100 watts sound system. This system has new speakers with anodized PP membranes, high performance voice coils, and the 1” textile tweeters. It also includes a down-fire subwoofer casing with a 10” woofer and the Magnat Black Core 5 channel amplifier for supreme sound quality.


Building this car will surely bring lots of money to them. I love the concept of the paint. The combination of white with black stripes. Plus this hot girl.

One thing I noticed about Porsche cars is that they don’t change the shape of their lights. But this one is good though.

Yeah! The model is really so sexy! smiley Anyway, I must say that it truly looks cool on its graphics and with its body paint. Moreover, it’s very nice that it has an awesome engine specification.

I like this car too. Actually, the model really grabs my attention just before I saw the car. By the way, the car is also good. I also find the shape of the car cute.

I really like this one, both because of the model and the car itself. In particular, one of the things that I like a lot about the car is the design, which I find really good.

I don’t really care for whatever reason why this Porsche GT3 is called "Snowmobile". Let’s just all appreciate the gorgeous snow white they partner with this car. The beauty of that lady is as gorgeous as the painted car itself.

Well, whatever they decide to call this one, it is still one kickass ride. Just take a look at those wheels, they are definitely something, and the engine surely delivers.

I wonder on what’s the connection of the clothing of that lady with the snowmobile. hehe BTW, I was impressed with the performance of its production version.

hmm. It seems that they have built it too early! BTW, I wonder if the speed performance of this car can still be used on the snow or does the performance will be similar when it was driven on normal climate.

Maybe they called this one Snowmobile because of the white color, or probably because there is a hidden pair of threads underneath it. Whatever the case is, it still looks awesome.

That one is a rather odd choice of name for the package. But it actually does look good, and I would agree that the color indeed matches this one perfectly.

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