2011 Porsche Panamera by Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner released the first images of their customized Porsche Panamera and, we have to admit, this is by far the best looking tuning package for the German luxury sedan so far.

The package features a lowered suspension, 22x10j | 22x11j wheels, and a matte-gloss gray finished paint job.

As a reminder, Vorsteiner has announced they will unveil the VRT package in June. This package will more than likely include carbon fiber parts and an engine upgrade. The Porsche Panamera will also see a new hood, front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a new roof.

We will be biting our nails as we wait for the official unveiling on June 10th, 2010.


Porsche Panamera has been successful production? Who said so..I never seen this car in the public road and I don’t know the reason behind it! can anyone explain me why?

The ever clean and decent styling of the Porsche Panamera!Until now this model is still existing and that makes me think on how incredible is this car. This car has been the favorite among aftermarket company!

I hate it, am sorry to say that. Its not attractive to me too.

Looks nice but imo with a small spoiler it would even better

Am not that impressed with the customization because the paint is an eyesore which is also not that shiny, not attractive at all.

Many are still up to the simplicity of the car. The simple the better the car is. Just like the panamera Vorsteiner

Yes, there are so many custom panamera here and this one is most simple but sting panamera ever.

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