2012 Porsche 911 V-GT by Vorsteiner

The newest generation Porsche 911 is quickly becoming a tuning favorite in the industry. So much so, in fact, that most tuners have no problem releasing preview images of the sports car even if the program itself isn’t complete yet.

We’ve already seen SpeedArt and TechArt take this route and now it appears that Vosteiner is jumping on this growing trend with a preview of their newest program, the 911 V-GT.

The mostly aesthetic V-GT program involves the addition of a front add-on spoiler with integrated brake duct collectors. The package also comes with a front GT replaceable center splitter for additional downforce, side skirt panels with integrate carbon fiber blade extensions, and a new and re-sculpted carbon fiber bonnet.

Over at the back, Vorsteiner added a new diffuser with integrated aero fins, a ducktil wing spoiler, a lightweight carbon fiber roof panel, and a choice of either stainless or titanium sport exhaust systems. Rounding off the changes are 20" or 21" forged aluminum wheels.


I think the Blue paint job on the rims on the wheels, and the side mirror doesn’t look good on this 911.

I think the Blue paint job on the rims on the wheels, and the side mirror doesn’t look good on this 911.

This isn’t the most flattering tuning ever done to 911, but at least, it has the decency to be seen as efficiently modified.

I disapprove of its tuning since it has looked cheaper. Additionally, it was better off without the Vorsteiner logo.

Vorsteiner should have made its exterior unique. I expected quite a lot from them, but seems like they disappointed me.

There aren’t many changes on the looks, really, except the VGT logo? The other mechanical modifications don’t sound new to me too.

What’s so wrong with it that it needs tuning by a few? Rather what’s good about it that it’s often preferred to be tuned? Forgive me but I’m not familiar to this car yet. Honestly, I find its exterior unattractive.

The exterior isn’t that impressive, but it looks robust. I wish to see it on the inside, maybe the interior has more of its charm. Not even the performance has been revealed, nevertheless, we do trust Porsche on producing high-performing engines.

The technology used in this car is great. The added feature is superb and good thing the wheels will be available in the range of 20-22” of alloy wheels. 

The front seems not to match the rear design. It’s plain weird to me. I hope its performance could make it up to its not-so-pretty style.

Wow this is a very impressive Porsche in terms of similar body to the Cayman, and very good hp and handling!

Wow, so this is the Porsche that they hid from us. Finally, the concept has the face and looks. It’s great that I saw this.

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