2012 Porsche Cayman Alpha One by Alpha-N Performance

800 HP, carbon fiber composites, an amazing look, and much, much more. Sounds like the description of an amazing supercar, but it’s actually the description of the smallest coupe in Porsche ’s line-up: the Cayman . Of course, this extraordinary vehicle only began as a Cayman . Then, Alpha-N Performance got their hands on it and transformed it into the new and improved Alpha One.

For starters, the tuner replaced the car’s original body panels with new ones made of carbon fiber composites. The front panels actually resemble the ones from the upcoming Porsche 918 Spyder , but other than that and the Cayman’s body line flowing through the doors and roof, everything else is new.

The tuner hasn’t revealed any other details on the upcoming Alpha One, but it is clear that the tuning package will make the Porsche Cayman longer, lower, and wider. Then, of course, there’s that 800 HP just waiting to be thrashed around in a sports car that only weighs 2820 lbs. The suspension on this thing better be killer because standard issue just isn’t going to cut it.

Let’s just say, we can’t wait to see what other details are in store for all of us when the Alpha One makes its debut in the upcoming weeks.


I’m impressed with Alpha-N of their very sporty exterior and engine modification that results to 800 HP.

Alpha is the greatest Cayman they’ve ever had. So why they will not like it.

You can get addicted on its promising performance. Who wouldn’t love it?

I’m more with their style and design than its output. Even so, I can’t help it, but to get captivated by its figures of its performance.

I applaud Alpha-N of their very eye-catching exterior upgrade and engine modification resulting to 800 HP. This Cayman is both handsome and sporty and definitely a must-have.

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