2012 Porsche Cayman S Facebook Edition

Facebook’s popularity has skyrocketed so it only makes sense for companies to take full advantage of the reach social media has to gain some attention for themselves. Porsche is diving into that headfirst with a special edition dedicated to the growing number of "fans" for their Facebook page. These images show a unique Cayman S decorated with the faces of Porsche’s first two million "fans."

Porsche sent out requests to their fans, asking permission to use their profile pictures as part of the design of the Cayman. Following this fan-based mosaic, the company went on to have their fans vote for their favorite historic racing livery. When the fans spoke, they chose the iconic Porsche 917 K with the red-white Salzburg livery, known best for delivering Porsche’s first overall victory in Le Mans with Richard Attwood and Hans Herrmann behind the wheel.

Porsche’s Cayman S tribute to their first two million Facebook fans will be on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart until January 27, 2012. If you look real close, maybe you’ll be able to find your picture!


Facebook you really rocked my world. You are the reason why my picture was included on the Cayman. This Porsche was really a car of a thousand smiles or a million rather.

I love the sparkling mosaic of this concept because it captures my attention the most. A car and a mosaic in one concept results into more creative art. I really like all designs of Porsche, they are all amazing!

Wow! The exterior design is very sparkling in my eyes. I appreciate the art car concept of them. This design is very remarkable and more creative one.

Wow this car is truly amazing. The photos were taken at their first two million fans. The exterior is great. I hope this would be available in all markets.

It’s cute, imagined that the first 2million fans of Porsche has their faces on this car. If I only knew this, maybe I had liked their site to have my face shown in that car.

A car and a photo mosaic? Why not? The Porsche Cayman creativity pushes to the new ideas. Nice to have pictures on that car—if yours was there.

Wow! The idea of decorating the pictures of their fans on this car is unique. I
will surely be delighted to be a part of this car mosaic.

That was cool! This Cayman S Facebook Edition is truly remarkable and unique. Too bad because I can’t see the pictures on the design thinking that my face could be there. Haha. I am a fan of Porsche. smiley

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