2012 Porsche GT3 RS Satin Blue by Royal Muffler

Los Angeles based tuner Royal Muffler has unveiled a pretty cool tuning package based on the current generation Porsche GT3 RS . This will keep you busy until Porsche will bring on the market the 991 GT3 RS in 2013 .

Royal Muffler’s package is called Satin Blue - a reference to the cool color used for the GT3 RS’ exterior. The tuner opted for a main satin blue and combined it with satin grey and satin white for the racing stripes.

Also, the car’s standard rear wing has been replaced with a new carbon fiber one from GT3R Hybrid. The car sits on a new set of BBS wheels with a black powder coated paint and wrapped in Toyo R888 tires. The new wheels have been combined with a new set of Brembo Type III 2-Piece Floating Disc specially designed for track used. On the interior everything remains unchanged except the roll cage that has been painted.

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