2012 Porsche Panamera GTM by Misha Designs

We are getting closer and closer to the official launch date of the 2012 SEMA Show, so the number of packages announced for the event keeps growing. The newest kit is from Misha Design and it’s a very cool GTM body kit based on a Porsche Panamera provided by JC Custom.

The GTM kit will actually be available in two options: a GTM kit for the regular Panamera body and another kit with wide body rear fender flares. The rest of the kit will be the same regardless of the width chosen. It will include a new front bumper with a gloss black lip and large air intakes, new front wings, new side skirts, flared rear arches, a big rear diffuser, a new roof spoiler, and a new decklid spoiler.

The final version of the Panamera will be painted by JC Customs in a matte gray metallic, not the white seen in these preliminary images. The gray finish will then be combined with a new set of 22" Govanna MECCA wheels provided by WTW Corp and new tailpipes.

More details on the Porsche Panamera GTM by Misha Designs will be released during the 2012 SEMA Auto Show, so stay tuned!


although a 4 door amg mercedes can be just as fast, the porsche is more exclusive

i think this is one of the best cars in its class

ii really enjoy the luxurious interior and the 4 doors and a powerful engine

this is a good car to go from one coast to another. big powerful engine and 4 doorssmiley make it perfect for taking 2 couples around the country

hmmm...interesting! this car combines power and practicality. i love that!

if there is a car to wish for, this would be it! lots of power, good styling and even better engineering.

4 doors car, lots of HP and those looks? man, i want those. i want them now!

you get a lot of a good car here. that’s all that matters! the wrapping is less important. to me, at least.

this car’s looks can only go up, no matter what you do to it. it’s no prince charming to begin with!

out of the cars in this class: the quatro porte or the maseratti, i would choose the porsche. and not because it is better looking, ’couse it isn’t. but because it is better.

this kind of shows get the best of a car. or the worst. but at least we can see all sorts of results and then make up our mind, right?

mate gray, body kit, 22" wheels. all those on a panamera. can’t wait to see that.

these additions to the car make it look more aggressive. and the mate gray should look awesome!

for those who like this kind of body kits, this one is a good one. but then again, so is the stock car.

i always loved the porsche panamera. i find it to be one of the best cars in its class.

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