2012 Porsche Panamera RXL by RUF

Anytime a tuning company decides to mess with a car’s overall dimensions, there’s bound to be a lot of split reaction on what the finished product is going to look like. German tuner, RUF , is treading that water with the new Porsche Panamera RXL.

The car, which is currently being showcased at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show is, by all effects, a longer version of the standard Panamera . Obviously, the whole point was to turn the German saloon into a limousine, but as far as we’re concerned, some cars are just not meant to be, shall we say, "elongated."

Not only did RUF do that, but they did it very generously. Overall, the Panamera is longer by 400mm - 250mm on the B-pillar and 150mm at the back - which is pretty ridiculous on its own. If there was ever any saving grace for the Panamera RXL, it’s that RUF was kind enough to provide a modified front bumper that puts a more aggressive profile on the Panamera while also fitting in some nice 22" RUF five-spoke alloy wheels.

As far as performance enhancements are concerned, the Panamera RXL’s 4.8-liter V8 engine gets a bump in output to 420 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 383 lb/ft of torque at 4,000 rpm.

All that said, RUF has already put a price tag on the Panamera RXL. If you’re interested in a Panamera limousine, you’re going to have to shell out €200,000, which is around $262,000 based on current exchange rates.


RUF’s overtuning was bad.

I don’t like how they got carried away on modifying it.

I like it better, and it seems that it has been elongated. I’ll it much if the exterior paint is Red. 

I don’t like how they have exaggerated its external appearance. I’m glad that the engine tuning compensates for it, at least.

Does anyone even find this attractive? It’s like an experiment gone wrong.

Its whole appearance doesn’t seem to go look nice altogether.

Flashy, classy, sporty --- what else are you looking for? All those have been applied to this by the amazing RUF!

I think this is the most impressive tuning ever for Panamera. Now, if only it can match up with other Porsche models, this would be flawless.

It looks fancy; at first, I thought it was a limo because of its figure, but because it didn’t lose the Porsche trademark at the front end, I instantly recognized it.

This doesn’t look extremely bad to me, but I must agree that it looks awkward. A misfit, to be exact.

It’s such a nice sedan concept; it’s like sporty and classy has jointly influenced this car.

The physique is attractive, but what’s under the hood impressed me the most.

What a unique design released by Porsche and RUF! Can this one run as fast as the 911 Carrera?

At least its fascia appears to be enhanced. Moreover, that is a really good improvement on the engine.

I think they overdid the tuning on its exterior. The engine is highly efficient, nevertheless.

From the picture, it looks like a limousine because of the length of its doors. Nevertheless, the Porsche’s appearance still fits it.

Well, this looks awkward. They could have at least made it more appearing elegant. It plainly looks like an extended sports car.

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