2012 Porsche Panamera White Snow by Anderson Germany

German tuner Anderson Germany hasn’t been in the news lately, but for better or worse, when they do have a program, it makes headlines. Their latest project for the Porsche Panamera is called the White Snow and as its name suggests, it’s really powdery white. Maybe even a little too powdery.

Along with the White Snow finish, Anderson Germany gave the Panamera a comprehensive bodykit that includes a wider bumper spoiler, new air intakes, and two new ribs taking the place of where the bay fog was. We’re not exactly big fans of this, if we’re being honest.

From there, the German tuner also built borders surrounding the headlights, fitted a new set of 22" wheels, and added a lightweight spoiler, a rounded rear bumper with unique designs of their own, and a new dual-pipe exhaust system.

Inside, Anderson Germany dressed up the Porsche Panamera with a unique combination of carbon fiber, beige leather, Alcantara, and suede. Combine all of that with the "White Snow" exterior, and you have a German luxury sports saloon that doesn’t strike us the way Anderson Germany normally does. We just needed more of a fiery tuning program in the middle of the Summer.


I’m not a fan of this Porsche, but looking at it simultaneously is awesome.

Anderson gave it a total overhauling design that Panamera looks at a whole new model.

Those white exteriors is better than the standard Panamera. The striking wheels are fabulous.

I’ll not refuse to admit that Anderson has made a monstrous innovation more powerful, but what they have done to its exterior is outrageous.

The Porsche Panamera, features a race-derived V8 engine, displacing 4.0 Cc and producing a peak power of 508hp.It’s a high-class of its own.

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