2013 Porsche 911/991 Attack by Anibal Automotive Design

It’s been a while since we last heard from Anibal Automotive Design, but every time they revisit their series of Attack models and the aero kits fitted into them, we can’t help but wonder why this Montreal-based tuner doesn’t do more programs like this.

In any case, we’ll take whatever they dish out any way we can get it. So when they released their new Attack program for the Porsche 911 , we stood up and took notice. The aerodynamic kit includes components built straight out of carbon fiber. There’s also a striking contrast on the sports car’s body, particularly the utilization of a silver finish on the body to go with a black carbon fiber hood.

As an added touch to the striking and downright stunning aero kit, Anibal Automotive Design added a new set of multi-spoke wheels to the 911.

According to Hani Harfouche, CEO and designer at Anibal Automotive Design, the Porsche 911 Attack is already scheduled for production. No concrete date has been announced for when the cars will go on sale, but we’ll keep a close eye on when these amazing Porsche 911s are ready to be taken home.


Well, tastes are not discussed. i, for exemple, like every part of it.

Looks insane from every angleā€¦ except the rear, it’s a little too busy, i think

i hope they make the engine as aggressive as the looks.

I’m not a big Porsche fan but I definitely love this one

Love the wheels, and the rear end! actually, looks amazing from every angle.

oooh, those wheels are actually nice. Me gustasmiley

Looks great but I dont think it will sell terribly well in us

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