2013 Porsche 911 by Caractere Exclusive

European auto tuners aren’t usually present in mass in a show like SEMA , but Belgian tuner Caractere Exclusive is not only making the exception, they actually went to Las Vegas to present their latest aerodynamic kit for the new Porsche 911.

Built from PU rim, Caractere Exclusive’s body kit features a number of new components, highlighted by a new front bumper with integrated air intakes and air outlets. The kit also includes a new set of side skirts with their own integrated cool air intakes and air outlets, a new rear spoiler, and a rear wing that comes with an integrated third brake light and air intake.

A new sport exhaust system with valve control and dual round tailpipes was also installed to the Porsche , improving its sound and unleashing its full-throttle fury for all to hear. From there, Caractere Exclusive fitted it with a set of either 20- or 21-inch three-piece forged wheels. These wheels not only enhance the car’s look, but they also improve its overall handling and driving characteristics by putting more rubber to the road.


Try to find something wrong and I can not. looks fantastic!

yap, that is the reason and that’s why even brand new cars will have a slight shade difference in the plastic bumpers and metal body

i belive it’s the difference between painting metal and plastic

on my display, the back bumper is white and the body ivory? they look a tiny bit different...is it so?

I hope the turbo and gt2 version will look as good as this

the wheels look very nice but not only them. well done!

hmmm ... is it just me or the color is slightly matte? because so it appears in the pictures and looks great

i feel that the front bumper is ruining the car. i like the rims and I pretty much like the rest of the kit.

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