2013 Porsche 911 RT-35s by RUF

German tuner, RUF, unveiled the RT-35 to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Now, for the 2013 Geneva Motor Show the package has been transformed into the RT-35s - a kit that adds even more power and an updated look.

While the standard version delivered a total of 630 horsepower, the new RT-35s is based on the new-generationPorsche 991 and delivers an extra 20 horsepower. The model is also equipped with a seven-speed manual gearbox. We are not very sure if the extra power made any improvements on the car’s performance figures, but a 205 mph top speed is already quite enough for a Porsche 911.

For the exterior, the new RT-35s received a new front spoiler and a standard Porsche “ducktail” that offers double downforce. As with most other tuning kits, the new RT-35s is offered with new wheels to help lighten the unsprung weight and add a little more rubber-to-road contact. The car is painted yellow, which a tribute to the first Porsche tuned by RUF. For the interior, the tuner added a new roll cage and an Alcantara trim.


The car looks very nice. I did not know that the yellow car will look stunning like this car. But I find the back of the car as weird because it reminds me of a racing car with design like that.

yeah, right! those extra 20 horsepower make a great difference, isn’t it?!

To be sincere, I must see both models to tell you the differences between them...

I like this brand cause they didn’t change too much their models and I still can see the original elements.

Not a fan of the gender, but I like yellow and this model looks nice in yellow.

Ducktail?! I had no idea that it is called like this. Funny!

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