2013 Porsche 911 S - Sport Design Package

After a patent leak about an upcoming bodykit for the 991, we’ve finally captured our first images of the 2013 Porsche 911 Sport Design Package at the 2012 Miami Auto Show. The famous Porsche duck tail from the 1970’s is back, along with a more aggressive front bumper. The $5,366 option is a must have for all tuning enthusiasts willing to embellish their 991 with a bodykit, which so far was only available on the limited edition 991 Club Coupe . On this gorgeous guard red model, the wheel option is adding a whopping $7,482. The 20 inch rims add to the overall look, but the price is outrageous for wheels that most likely are not any lighter than the base OEM. For that kind of money we’d rather go buy ourselves a set of ultralight HRE or CCW wheels. Nevertheless, Porsche came up with a very good looking body kit, for those too busy to look into the aftermarket or the devoted Porsche OEM fanboys. On a last note, we can’t wait to see the new 2014 Porsche 991 GT3 body kit, Stuttgart’s designers still have it!


that is a good car! great lookin too! a true driver’s car!

yeah, it’s like they have the money for the car and are searching their pockets for the extra money for the rims.

we argue like kids! whoever has the money and wants the rims, will get them.

brad, i am willing to take your 7.500$ if you say that is not much. damn, i would take 750$!

brad, 7.5% is not to be neglected. and that is a fact!

it is not that much if you have the money! because if you don’t, every penny is a lot!

7500$ along the 100.000$ the car will cost is not that much!

even so, it’s 7500$ just for some rims! you can get a new car for those money!

maybe those rims are lighter, who knows?

i can get the 5500$ for the rear and front bumpers (hardly, but i can try), but the 7500$ for the rims blow my mind!

the car looks amazing in red! great job!

i am a big porsche fan! i love this one!

this is a great car! it can sure smoke lots of other cars, and you can still use it every day! that is why i love a porsche!

i’m afraid not. i’m in new york smiley. but thanks! i’m sure you’ll find a hot girl and go out, making all the men feel ashamed.

that is a great car. but 7.500$ for some rims is outstanding.

well thanks karla! any chance i’ll take you for a ride in los angeles?

i love it when women have powerful cars and leave the men behind! go jenny!

as a lady, i think that i would look good in that car! and the duck-tail will be quite a view for the men left behind!

that car looks amazing in red! if my husband decides to have one, it will be red or not be at all!

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