2013 Porsche Panamera by Regula Exclusive

German aftermarket specialist, Regula Exclusive, was recently featured in our pages for their work on the Audi R8 . Turns out, they were building another program, this time for the Porsche Panamera .

Comprised of an aero package that makes use of high-quality flexible polyester-polyurethane mixture and an impressive power upgrade, Regula Exclusive’s program for the Panamera makes great use of the materials they’ve been given. It’s a really cool program, if you ask us.

Talking about the former, the components for the aero program include a replacement front bumper with large air intakes, aggressive side skirts, and a new rear bumper that’s been constructed with air outlets and an integrated diffuser section. Pricing for the aero program begins at €7,594 ($10,134 at the current exchange rates) with an all carbon-fiber version available for an extra €1,500 ($2,001).

Under its hood, Regula Exclusive remapped the ECU software of the Panamera, bumping up the output of the luxury saloon’s 4.8-liter V-8 engine from 500 horsepower to 605 horsepower for just €1,698 ($2,266).

Finally, the Panamera was fitted with 22-inch Schmidt Revolution CC-Line alloy wheels, putting a resounding conclusion to an aftermarket program that really hit us on a lot of spots.


I did not know that yellow green color will make the car look pleasing to the eyes. I hope that the Regula Exclusive’s program will be successful so that more programs will be made in the future.

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