2014 Porsche 550

Volkswagen’s predicted domination of the automotive world just launched its next attack with three production versions of the Volkswagen Bluesport concept. According to Volkswagen, the BlueSport will see three different levels of performance illustrated in three different badges: Volkswagen , Audi , and Porsche . It can go without saying that the Porsche model will be the most powerful and, up until now, it was just known as the "baby Boxster ." Well, that baby Boxster has finally been named. Say hello to the future Porsche 550 .

The "550" name was first used in 1953 when Porsche unveiled a sports car inspired by the legendary 356 . At that time, the 550 was not considered a successor for the 356, but Porsche’s future 550 will more than likely carry that title. The new 550 will be the first model to be built on Porsche’s new sports car architecture and will be offered with a mid-mounted, turbocharged 1.6-liter engine that will deliver around 200 HP. This engine will be mated to a dual-clutch seven speed transmission.

The future 550 will be launched in 2014 and, on the European market, will be priced about €8,000 ($11,500 at the current exchange rates) less than the current Boxster . That difference accounts for about 20% of the current Boxster’s price tag, which means our fellow Americans will have to pay about $38,000 to purchase it.

UPDATE 09/30/2011: British magazine CAR reports that the upcoming Porsche 550 will feature a new trademark horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine developing a total of 210 HP and 215 lb-ft of torque. If Porsche decides to create a more powerful version for the 550, that would mean it will use a 2.5 liter flat four turbo engine that delivers a total of 360 HP and 350 lb-ft.

Stay tuned for more details on the 2014 Porsche 550.

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Hello, future Porshce 550! smiley I’m so glad to know that it is a legendary inspired in 356, and I must say that it is really very cool on its looks, and I’m already pleased with its powerful engine!

I love the fact that they use an impressive and powerful engine with this Porsche. It could surely have a great speed performance which only gives me an idea that it is so fun to drive with!

Yeah! So far, this Porsche 550 is the most fabulous roadster today in spite of having only a simple styling. However, I wonder if what its interior can offer? Well, I hope that it is impressive as well.

Porsche 550 is not the most fabulous roadster today, but I must say that I would still prefer simple style of this Porsche than to its competitor. Anyway, I’m also satisfied with its engine output.

Porsche 550 is truly worth waiting for! smiley However, I think it is better if they use lighter body paint on this one, and it is totally a complete package if they also use an impressive engine.

We need to wait for this for too long before we can finally see this one but anyway, I can say that I’m still impressed with the looks and simple detailing that it had but just like them, I don’t think that it had a powerful engine.

I just noticed that all Porsche cars had always the same design and platform most especially their headlights, but they were all kinds of pricey. Anyway, I’m still impressed with the looks of this 550 and with its impressive engine.

Impressive figure performance! I’m impressed with the simplicity of this convertible car, but I don’t like the interior touch that it had. It looks so lousy.

I love the roadster version of the car! The speed performance is great as well. Its a good thing that the heavy roof top of the car doesn’t affect on the speed of the car.

hmm. I don’t think that this car has an impressive power output though its platform look so modern as a successor of a vintage car. Before anything else, I want to know the figure performance of the car?

The styling of the car is great considering that it was based from a vintage car. BTW, I guess the history repeats itself. This car will be cheaper than the Boxster, aren’t they afraid that it might hurt the sale of the Boxster?

hmm. It seems that it would be long enough before we can see the production version of this vehicle. Their future plans is not clear to me, I guess it would be better to hear a clarification from them.

Does it mean that they are going to inactive the production of the Porsche 911 and they are going to focus in this production? The speed performance is quite impressive but still I wan to know more about this vehicle.

I would say that this one is really quite impressive. And I like the idea that they would be incorporating design elements from the Bluesport concept into this baby, really neat.

So, if I am correct, this one will actually take off from the Bluesport Concept that they had released a few months back. Well, this one actually looks to be a promising use of the design of that one.

This car is kinda cute and has a very powerful output. I think a lot of people will buy this stuff. Absolutely one of my dream sportscar smiley

Well, it doesn’t look so bad for a Porsche but a little bit odd to be a new model. I mean,
its just the same old Porsche we all know.

Porsche definitely did it again on this one, I would say that this is certainly pretty with all the curves that they have included in here. Certainly makes the 550 a must have.

Yeah, it does look pretty lame, but I wouldn’t really say that it would be a fail. It is likely that they would still be able to sell this one since it is a Porsche.

Well, this one looks kinda odd for a Porsche. Are they serious getting this one released in 2015? It looks like those cars from 60’s.

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