2014 Porsche Cayman Turbo

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Porsche Cayman

Well, that was fast! Days after Porsche unveiled its new Cayman and Cayman S, we now have rumors of a Cayman Turbo that is expected to debut at the IAA-Frankfurt 2013.

Any Porsche enthusiast knows that the “Turbo” badge signifies more power and a bigger price tag. Yes, there’s more power but with a catch. Unlike the 6-cylinder, boxer configuration of the Cayman S, the Turbo variant is expected to be powered by a smaller, turbocharged 4-cylinder boxer engine that is expected to produce more than 350 horsepower. We don’t think Porsche purists would be happy with this move as it will lose the iconic sound that is instantly recognizable as Porsche sports car, but at least the power is there.

With the downsizing trend becoming popular among top brands, the main aim is to bring more power while improving fuel efficiency, thanks to the rising fuel prices and concern for carbon emission. Looks like Porsche is expected to join that bandwagon with the Cayman Turbo and the Macan .

If this is true, it’s going to be funny trying to reason with a Cayman S owner why the Turbo is better.

For now, this is all we’ve got on the flagship Cayman. We’ll keep an eye out on this while we wait for its expected unveiling at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.


if they switch their whole cars to 4 cylinder engines, they will lose a lot!

as a 911 owner, i think i might have bought the last proper 911. let’s hope i’m wrong!

if this is porsche’s future, i feel sorry for the future owners.

we can either start a petition on-line or not buy the car. and i think the second part will hurt porsche more.

that is not awkward. that is just not right. it is damn wrong!

i bet that a cayman S with some ECU remapping can beat the turbo. and that is awkward.

i bet hammond from top gear is shedding a tear now, quietly and alone. clarkson will have a good reason to mock him for some time now!

you and the rest of us, porsche fans!

this move porsche did is quite strange. i mean, on your best car make the engine smaller? i’d rather have the S, thank you!

at least the cayman turbo isn’t.

until now you could get a similar engine on the cayman and the 911. but now, i do not think the cayman is worth it anymore.

although the 350 HP make me happy, the loss of the 6 cylinder engine is a bigger down side, if you ask me!

"because." said porsche and got away in a cayman S.

4 cylinder down from 6? why porsche, why?!?!

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