2015 Porsche 911 Convertible

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Last year, our spy photographers caught a strange-looking 911 Carrera testing in the wild. Rumors suggested that this prototype could reveal either a facelift for the current 911 Carrera or a GTS version .

Today, however, it’s time for the revised 911 Convertible to go out testing near Porsche’s factory in Stuttgart. The revised 911 Convertible will be offered with a new front bumper with different air intakes and DRL, new rear lights and also a new bumper.

What’s even odder is that this prototype gets air outlets on the sides of the rear bumper, a clear indication that Porsche will indeed offer a new turbocharged engine. This smaller six-cylinder engine will help Porsche lower its CO2 emissions and with this smaller engine producing more heat, the extra holes in the rear were a must.

Expect the revised 911 Convertible to be unveiled in late 2014 or early 2015.

Updated 08/27/14: A new batch of photos of the Porsche 911 Convertible have been leaked out. Check them out in the gallery!

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Spy shots

January 22nd, 2014 - First Sighting

Porsche 911 Convertible
Porsche 911 Convertible
Porsche 911 Convertible

The revised 991 Convertible was caught testing for the first time today near Porsche’s facility in Stuttgart. It reveals a series of new design features, like new font and rear bumper, revised headlights and some additional air outlets in the rear bumper. these air outlets are a indicator that a new turbocharged engine is currently in the works, as the rumored smaller-displacement engine requires a little extra cooling.

August 26, 2014 - 911 hit pre-production

Porsche 911 Convertible
Porsche 911 Convertible
Porsche 911 Convertible

With it now wearing a sleek shade of grey, it looks like the facelifted 911 has reached its pre-production phase. In these images, we can see the active air ducts in the new front bumper, and the revised grille design on the rear hood.


Audi R8 Spyder

Audi R8 Spyder

The R8 Spyder is one of the most successful models in its market, thanks to its stunning-look, powerful engine and the relatively low price.

The Audi R8 V8 Spyder is powered by a 4.2-liter, V-8 engine that delivers a total of 430 horsepower 317 pound-feet of torque. The engine is mated to a standard six-speed manual transmission or an optional seven-speed S tronic transmission that sprints the car from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and up to a top speed of 186 mph.

The R8 V8 Spyder is priced from $128,400 for the manual version and $137,500 for the S tronic version.

Mercedes SL550

Mercedes Benz SL-Class

The SL550 is powered by a 4.6-liter, V-8 engine that delivers a total of 429 horsepower and a peak torque of 516 pound-feet. The engine is combined with an ECO stop/start function as standard and a seven-speed driver-adaptive automatic transmission and will sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds and up to an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

The 2014 SL550 is priced from $106,700.


Porsche 911/991

Porsche unveiled the 911 in 1963 and since then, the model has seen six different generations. The current 991 generation was introduced on August 23rd, 2011 when the base Carrera was unveiled, and since then various models were added to the lineup.

The model is offered with two different engines; the base model gets a 3.4 -liter direct-injected, flat-six engine that delivers a total of 350 horsepower, while the S version gets a 3.8-liter, flat-six with direct injection engine with 400 horsepower.

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