The Fantasticar is a 27-foot, hybrid, vertical take-off/landing craft combining electric-powered fan lift and jet turbine thrust that yields maximum fuel efficiency. Designed by Reed Richards and constructed out of a variety of foamed alloys and employing early computer-aided manufacturing techniques, the vehicle is highly unorthodox, but air-worthy.

The Fantastic Four meet their greatest challenge yet, as the enigmatic intergalactic herald, the Silver Surfer, comes to Earth to prepare it for destruction in “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.” 20th Century Fox releases the film on June 15.

The vehicle of choice for the Fantastic Four is the one-of-a-kind Fantasticar, which can reach speeds of up to 550 mph and an altitude of 30,000 feet. The Fantasticar also can separate into three sections. Each one has deployable wings and can maintain the same speed and performance as the entire craft. And yes, it has a HEMI®.

Among the Dodge cues on the Fantasticar are the brand’s signature crosshair grille with ram’s head logo and the Dodge name on the front and rear fascias. A red ram’s head logo also appears on the seat headrests.

“Opportunities to be involved with the cultural icon like the Fantasticar don’t come around very often, so we jumped at the chance to work with Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox,” said Michael Curmi, Senior Manager – Entertainment Marketing, Chrysler Group. “Dodge Dodge is a great American car brand teaming up with a great American superhero team. We both have great heritage that appeal to people around the world, so it was only natural for us to partner on this new Fantastic Four movie with the debut of the ultimate superheroes vehicle.”


The Fantasticar’s maximum level flight airspeed is 550 miles per hour with all four members of the Fantastic Four on board. Maximum altitude of 30,000 feet. The twin mini-planes can each detach and fly independently of the mother craft, or by radiocontrol. They are stowed on board with one wing up. The mini-plane are released and captured by an articulated arresting arm that holds them until they are either ready for stowage or flight. Their maximum level-flight airspeed is 350 miles per hour, their normal service ceiling is 38,000 feet.


Tim Flattery, conceptual artist for the Fantastic Four sequel, worked 10 months designing and building the Fantasticar, which will enjoy a life after the movie in sequels and on the auto-show circuit.

"It was like Christmas morning when we first saw it," says Jessica Alba, who plays Sue Storm, aka Invisible Woman. "With all the dials and joysticks, we wanted to fly it. It’s the ultimate toy."


Now that’s what I’m looking forward for this in the future. Less gas, no worries for traffic!

That is awesome. I wonder if they made one that actually can fly and can reach that kind of speed. O well, I’m sure that in the future, cars like these wouldn’t be impossible anymore.

Can you buy one? And if you can then where?

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