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  Race cars have all the safety equipment and power required to win races and protect their driver at the same time. Some of them are street legal but most of them are not

The Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 is a beast of a racecar that carries quite a bit of technological innovations, making for a racer that you wouldn’t want to mess with out on track.

But for all the tidy gloriousness of the GT-R Nismo GT3, there’s an amazing team of race mechanics behind the car, doing all the work to ensure that the racer is always in tip-top shape and ready to compete at a moment’s beckoning.

In this video released by Nismo TV, we get to see a behind-the-scenes look at how the engineers and mechanics behind the modifications of the GT-R Nismo GT3 go about their work.

Equally important are the details they go through, including the brake system the car uses, the diagnostics run on the engine management system, and how it’s different from the stock GT-R.

It’s worth a watch if you’re a hopped-up Godzilla ready to belch fire on the competition.

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The 2014 racing season will mark Porsche’s return to the famous Le Mans race in an attempt to continue its ongoing success story. During its participation at the Le Mans race, Porsche scored a total of 16 overall victories, but the best year for the company was 1971.

For Porsche, the 1971 Le Mans was the race of records: its 917 racecar managed to average a speed of 222 km/h (137 mph) - a first for the company.

This video was developed as a tribute to the amazing 1971 racing season, but also wants to prepare you for Porsche’s great comeback at the world’s most famous long-distance race.

For those of you interested in learning more about Porsche’s presence at the Le Mans race, check the official web page. Here you will learn about Porsche’s 16 victories and all the moments in Porsche’s motorsport history.

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RallyRaid International brings 16 years of hard-fought distance rallying expertise to the creation of their latest model, the Desert Warrior 3. The DW3’s rise and current dominance of FIA endurance rallying is an interesting “underdog” story. Exclusive interviews with team principle Paul Round and lead designer Mike “BD” Jones reveal the details of the BMW-powered DW3’s exotic in-house design and the current two-model range.

The RallyRaid DW3 looks like a simple body-style evolution on the familiar Bowler template for Land Rover-based Dakar rally cars. In fact, the Evoque appearances are just a cosmetic touch to provide continuity between the DW3 and RallyRaid’s previous generations of Defender -inspired Desert Warriors.

UK-based RallyRaid International is a small, battle-hardened operation that shies from the limelight much more than others in the high-dollar rally prototype scene. The competition schedule demands the bulk of the team accompany the race cars on their frequent two-week-long, 1,000-plus-mile off-road races in some of the most desolate, inhospitable corners of the globe. There is no road-legal variant and there’s no fancy customer showroom - aside from the dusty podiums of the Dakar finish line.

Please follow the jump for the full mechanical specifications, an awesome video montage of the car’s design and construction and image gallery of the Desert Warrior 3 inside and out.

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Rumors have been floating recently that the new cooperation between Alpine and Caterham will give birth to a new sports car. While that has surely driven intrigue into this still-to-be-named model, it’s still part of the not-so-distant future.

What is recent, though, is Alpine’s apparent return to 24-hour racing and it’s got quite a racecar in its fold ready to take on all comers. Called the A450, the race car is expected to bring the extra excitement to endurance racing at the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours and this year’s European Le Mans Series (ELMS). The car will be raced by the 24-year-old Nelson Panciatici and 29-year-old Pierre Ragues. This marks Alpine’s return to the world of motorsport after an absence of 35 years.

The new Alpine A450 will be powered by a Nissan -sourced V-8 engine that delivers a total of 500 horsepower and is mated to a six-speed sequential X-Trac gearbox. With a total weight of just 1984 pounds, the new race car will hit a pretty impressive top speed of 205 mph.

Speaking of impressive, have a look at the A450; it’s all that and then a little more. The brand’s striking blue and orange color combination harkens back to the days of the Alpine-Renault A442B that raced the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1978. If for nothing else, it’s a fitting tribute to the company’s racing history while also serving a reminder to the rest of the field that Alpine is back and ready to take some names.

Updated 04/10/2013: Alpine officially confirmed today that its first racing car in 35 years will be called A450. The model pays tribute to the A441, A442 and A443 which scored amazing results at the Le Mans in the 1970s. The figure "50" "symbolizes the fiftieth anniversary of Alpine’s first official entry for the Le Mans 24 Hours." The new A450 will be available for purchase in 2016.

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Formula Drift Champion, Vaughn Gittin Jr., officially unveiled the 2014 Mustang RTR that seems to be ready to rock the 2013 Formula Drift season. The 2014 RTR was developed by Autosport Dynamics and will make its competitive debut at Formula Drift Round 1 in Long Beach, California April 12th and 13th. After that, Vaughn will compete in the World Drift Series in China and in numerous other select competition and demonstration events in Europe.

If last year’s model impressed you, the 2014 version will be a sensation. Its V-8 engine delivers a total of 845 horsepower - an increase of 45 horsepower over the previous model year . As usual, the engine has been developed by Ford Racing, so you know it’s built to run with the best of them.

The car sits on 18-inche wheels wrapped in Nitto NT05 tires sized 295/35R18 on the rear and 275/35R18 on the front. The model is distinguished by a carbon-fiber body with RTR appearance package. On the inside, it adds Recaro racing seats with Takata six-point harness.

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Last year, LoveFab made its debut at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with a race car based on the Acura NSX. The team did great at the race and managed to finish one of the toughest motorsport events in the world. For the 2013 Pikes Peak, the team will make a comeback with a lighter and more powerful Acura NSX -based machine.

The new project is known as the "Enviate" and will be driven by LoveFab’s owner and professional driver, Cody Loveland. Even though it is based on the NSX, the new Enviate will only retain the original subframes and suspension. Everything else has been modified, including the twin turbocharged, dry-sumped LS1 engine; ultra-lightweight chromoly tube-chassis; and the full carbon fiber body.

The new LoveFab Enviate will begin testing on May 1st and then will be ready for the 91st running of the Pikes Peak run.

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The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 can now lay claim to holding the fastest lap ever set at the new Highlands Motorsport Park in New Zealand.

All it took was a blistering lap time of 1:41.9 with Porsche 911 Cup racer, Craig Baird, behind the wheel.

The Highlands Motorsport Park just opened last month and it certainly kicked off its opening weekend in remarkable fashion with Baird and the MP4-12C providing a lot of the fireworks. In this video, you can check out seven different camera angles of the record-setting lap, complete with remarkable camera work on both the exterior and interior of the car.

We’re pretty confident that, at some point, another car will be able to hold the lap record at Highlands Motorsport Park. But for now, it’s the McLaren MP4-12C GT3’s turn up the record books and if you’re part of Highlands management, you couldn’t have picked a better super car/racecar to become the inaugural record holder of the fastest lap on your track.

Racing season is now in full swing and as the days go by, we’re seeing more and more racing series begin their respective seasons.

One that’s scheduled to start in a month’s time is the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC) and Romanian automaker, Dacia , is preparing for the series with a new racecar in the form of a second-generation Logan that has been christened as the Logan STCC 1024.

After plying its craft in Pikes Peak with its custom Duster rally cars, Dacia wants to make headway at the STCC and it picked a pretty good car to do it, thanks to the Logan’s 400-horsepower V-6 engine that’s mated to a six-speed sequential transmission. Add that to a model that only weighs slightly north of 1,100 kg (2,425 pounds) and you have a racecar that’s ridiculously quick and can bust out of the gates with the nimbleness and power of a pouncing panther.

Hyperbole notwithstanding, the Logan STCC 1024 looks ready for competition and it will get its chance to show everyone what it’s got when the STCC season kicks off on May 3rd.

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Chevrolet Performance announced today the availability of an NHRA-certified Camaro rolling chassis specially designed for drag racing. Customers will only get the painted body and chassis ready to be finished and they will have to add the engine, transmission and other drivetrain components. The price for the rolling chassis is $55,000 will be put on sale on March 28th, 2013.

If you are interested, Chevrolet can provide you with all the other components needed to finish your car: engine and air inlet system, engine mounts, engine controller and wire harness, exhaust headers, transmission and shifter assembly and driveshaft.

Customers can choose between a 350-cubic-inch engine that delivers a total of at 325 horsepower; a 396-cubic-inch engine with 375 horsepower, and a 427-cubic-inch engine delivering 425 horsepower. The engines offered in the COPO Camaro program are also available

The chassis will be offered with a roll cage, NHRA-approved racing chassis and suspension components. The models will be painted in Summit White and will feature a production Camaro hood and SS grille, production window glass, headlamps, taillights and more. On the interior, Chevrolet will add racing seats, a production-style instrument panel, steering wheel, racing switch panel, door panels, headliner and black carpeting.

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Everyone knows that each model developed by Ferrari will also get a track-focused version at some point, especially when we are talking about one like the LaFerrari . We are pretty sure that Ferrari is going to unveil an EvoXX version in the near future, so we have created a rendering (above) that might help you get a better idea of what to expect the track-ready version of the LaFerrari could look like.

Few details are known on the future LaFerrari EvoXX up to this point, but we expect to see a treatment similar to what we saw with the 599XX Evolution . Translated, this mean we will see some aerodynamic improvements, some white racing strips plus a different rear wing with two flaps.

Next to the exterior changes, the EvoXX version will most likely deliver a few more horsepower and will be lighter than the standard version. Ferrari will also add an updated suspension and race-inspired brakes.

Expect the new LaFerrari EVOXX to arrive sometime in the upcoming months. We’ll keep you updated as the EvoXX becomes clearer.

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