radar detectors

radar detectors

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For more than 25 years Escort has set the radar detector standard. Now Escort is introducing the all new Passport 8500 X50 radar and laser detector - the most advanced and sophisticated detector ever!

High performance radar/laser detection with concealed installation. Shadow Technology for immunity to VG-2 or any RDD. Software upgradeable to meet potential future radar changes. X band X/K/Ka band city modes. Full bright/dim/dark settings.

The Whistler 1788 is the first cordless radar detector from Whistler. The DE-1788 is a sleek detector, offering good performance and POP mode detection. A key feature of the Whistler 1788 is the built in battery charger, and the included home battery charger. The 1788 is the only detector on the market right now to include rechargeable batteries, or a charger of any type.

The Escort Solo S2 radar detector brings you the performance of the Escort Passport line with the convenience that comes with a cordless radar detector! If you take your radar detector between cars or if you are annoyed by a power cord hanging down your dash, this model is for you!

The Bel Professional Series RX65 is the most advanced radar and laser detector ever produced by Beltronics!! This model is designed exclusively for the demanding driver, and is packed with the latest features.

The Whistler Cruisader is the first system built specifically for motorcycles! The Cruisader is a remote radar detector, which includes radar and laser antennas that install out of sight on your bike. The small, circular control panel should be mounted within view of the driver. The Cruisader’s control panel features a brilliant blue backlit text display, and is designed to fit in a standard 2 1/16" gauge enclosure. Because of this standard size, there are a huge selection of aftermarket enclosures available to allow you to customize your installation.

The Sensoro Traveller radar detector from PNI provides incredible performance. Tests have shown that the Traveller is simply one of the best performing radar detectors on the market today. In almost all tests, the Traveller performs almost as good as if not better than other radar detectors that sell for twice as much.

The Whistler Pro 73 radar detector is a high end model from Whistler’s high performance Professional Series. This model detects the new POP mode feature of some radar guns, and incorporates a high gain optical lense for increased laser sensitivity. The Pro 73 also includes Whistler’s Real Voiceâ„¢ alerts, and an alpha numeric display with a unique, intense blue text color.

The Cobra ESD-7000 radar detector responds to all types of radar currently in use, and provides 360 degree detection of all types of laser guns. The Cobra ESD-7000 is immune to the VG-2 detector, and the Spectre I detector. Basic support is included for the Safety Alert system as well.

The Escort Shifter ZR3 installs in your vehicle, and works by both detecting and blocking police laser guns. The Shifter ZR3 includes sensors for both the front and rear of your vehicle, and will integrate with other Escort radar detectors.

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