radar detectors

radar detectors

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The Bel Professional Series RX75 Plus is a high performance concealed radar and laser detector. The Pro RX75 includes a sophisticated radar antenna that detects all traffic radar - including the new digital radar guns. Eight driver selectable features give the user comprehensive control for any driving environment.

The Cobra XRS-9400 radar/laser detector picks up X, K, Ka, VG-2 (along with VG-2 Stealth detection), and Spectre 1 signals, and it detects laser signals coming from any direction for 360-degree protection. Instead of using an annoying tone to indicate a detected radar or laser signal, the XRS-9400 employs a voice alert.

The Cobra XRS-9700 is an 11 band radar detector featuring Cobra’s Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology. With this new technology, the XRS-9700 has even more range than past Cobra models. This model also provides voice alerts, and includes a built-in 8 point digital compass.

The new TotalShield technology makes the STi completely invisible against any type of radar detector detector. Not only will it keep you unseen by the current VG2 and Spectre, it will be completely undetectable by any future threats as well.

Beltronics is the industry leader in technology and innovation. Our all-new varactor-tuned microwave receiver delivers the longest possible waring on all radar bands, including the latest "POP" mode Ka-band threat. In fact, Vector 995 provides 10 times the sensitivity of any imported radar detector

The Rocky Mountain Radar Detector C450 is the newest radar and laser detector scramblers on the market today. The Rocky Mountain Radar will visually and audibly notify you of police radar and laser guns attempting to read your vehicles speed.

Helmet Assisted Radar Detection, H.A.R.D., is a wireless system invented by LEGAL SPEEDING for motorcyclists needing to know when their radar detector is alerting them of a radar threat. The H.A.R.D. System provides an immediate visual alert: a flashing LED light inside the helmet illuminated within your field of vision allowing immediate recognition of a radar threat.

Protect yourself with the convenient BEL 946 cordless radar detector from BEL Technologies! The BEL 946 offers superb protection from X, K, and Ka bands of police radar. BEL’s Total Tracking Laser system uses twin laser-sensing ports with front and rear detection diodes which capture diffused energy far outside the main laser beam.

Replacing the Escort Passport 7500, the 7500S has all of the innovations of the older model but with improved sensitivity. Escort is a company known for its superior innovations - particularly the distance at which its detectors recognize X, K, Ka, and Laser bands. Going above and beyond radar standards, the new 7500S uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to double K Band and triple Ka Band sensitivity. Translation - longer warning distances without increased false alarms.

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