2011 Radical SR3 RS Limited

British manufacturer, Radical Sports Cars , will be celebrating the SR3’s 10th anniversary with the launch of a special edition SR3 RS Limited. Only 25 units of this special edition will be produced, each carrying a price tag of £49,850, or about $81,000 at the current exchange rates. The car is now available for order.

The SR3 RS Limited is a trackday-focused edition and is available in three summer color options: Spice Yellow, Tangerine, and Rosso Red combined with a unique matte vinyl graphics pack.

Under the hood, the SR3 RS Limited gets a 1340cc RPE-Suzuki engine that delivers a total of 210 HP at 10,500rpm. This engine is mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox and gear drive system. It also features a Quaife ATB differential, 260x25mm 30-vane ventilated discs front and rear, high-downforce rear diffuser, passenger seat belts, trackday silencing kit, a unique identification numbered plate (1 to 25), and spares ‘starter pack’ including spare wheels/wet-weather tires, filters, and accessories.


It looks so exotic on its graphic design and exterior styling, just too bad to know that it will only be limited to 25 units, and I also noticed that its engine output is not fitted with a sports vehicle.

For sheer cost, I would probably prefer a Caterham Seven over this one. But I must admit that that one is still a bit slower than this, so it still has some plus factor.

Actually, this one is a two seater. You can easily modify the passenger side to be able to take in a companion, though you might want to consider the companion you are taking with you.

Wow! A limited edition of Radical Sports! The horsepower of this car is amazing. The adds on are quite interesting. And just like the KTM and Atom, this car is one seater used for thrilled-seeking.

For these racers, I would prefer to go with a KT-Bow. That one really looks much cooler than this, plus, as far as I have seen, it performs much better.

I’m just concerned about the quantity of the car available. Most often, car company tend to built a car depending to the number of year celebrated. Well, it’s not really important it just bother mesmiley. Anyhow, with the powerful performance of this car for sure it will sell like hotcakes!

Haven’t heard that much about the SR3 lately, so I am no all that familiar with the ride. But I think that the special edition car does look good, especially the work they did on the engine.

Get a Palatov dp4 instead. For about $50,000 you will have a car that will smoke this Radical. The dp4 comes with about 200hp but weighs only 800lbs. That is about 500lbs lighter than this Radical. It is also available with AWD and turbo Busa engines are available on request.

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