Renault Megane

Renault Megane

Next generation Renault Megane will make its world debut in autumn at the Paris Motor Show, but until then, the company unveiled the first official image with the occasion of 10 years of "Renault Technocentre".

The future Megane will have a sporty look inspired by the new Laguna , but also by the Renault Megane Concept . It will be offered in both three and five doors and will compete with models like Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.

Stay tuned, more details will follow.

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Dubbed R26.R, the vehicle represents customized version of the Renault Megane RS . It is although a big difference between the RS and the R26R: the new vehicle includes safety roll bars, new spring system, a titanium exhaust system and new pair of slicks. With 1235 kg and 230 hp the car is capable to sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds which meaas the little monster is faster thatn the Audi S3 and the Porsche Cayman . The price for this vehicle? 32,000 the base price plus the extra things you want on it.

Renault Laguna Coupe

The production version of the Laguna Coupe and the Megane 5-doors versions were caught in Australia. Both models will make their world debut in October at the Paris Motor Show.

The Laguna Coupe will most probably be offered with 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol and diesel engines generating between 140 and 201 Hp along with a top-notch 3.5-liter V6 unit.

The new Megane lets go of the current version’s weirdly styled arse for a more subtle design. However -no thanks to the heavy camouflage, that’s about all we can comment on Renault’s VW Golf adversary.

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When Renault unveiled the Megane Coupe Concept at the Geneva Motor Show, they announced a compact production version based on the concept will be released at a later date. This will be the Renault Mega Mega ne Coupe, the successor of the 1996 model. The same design cues will also be applied for the entire Megane line-up: three and five-door hatchback, sedan, a Sport Touring estate and a new C-C folding hard-top.

The third generation Megane will be unveiled this autumn at the Paris Motor Show and sales will begin in 2009. The new Megane will compete with the Peugeot 308, Fiat Bravo and Volkswagen Golf VI.

Renault Megane

The next generation Megane will be inspired by both Renault Megane Coupe and the newly launched Laguna. The hatchback will feature a distinctive swooping roofline that will include panoramic glass on range-topping models. At the rear, a conventionally shaped hatch will replace the controversial rump of the existing car.

The thirst generation Megane will be built on a new platform built in Cooperation with Nissan. The Coupe version will add a new sporty suspension in order to offer a fun driving experience.

When Renault unveiled the Megane Coupe Concept at the Geneva Motor Show they announced it was a preview version of a production model that will be unveiled at a later date. Back then it was all the company said. But now, Patrick Le Quement confirmed the production version will be unveiled in autumn at the Paris Auto Show.

The difference between the old Megane and the new version is that the new one won’t be offered in the traditional hatchback version. It will have the same coupe-style design as the Volkswagen Scirocco and will offer the performances of a sporty coupe.

According to his statement the new design language previewed by the Concept shows the new orientation of Renault’s future models. The future Megane wants to be a model that will be liked by a very different and wide kind of customers.

The new design will be adopted to all the versions hatchback, sedan si coupe-cabrio, but also to an entirely new version, that is being kept secret at the moment.

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Renault unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show the Renault Megane Coupe Concept, a preview version of a compact production coupe to be released at a later date.

Renault Megane Coupe

The Megane Coupe Concept is powered by a 200hp (147kW) 2.0 Turbo petrol engine which delivers torque of 280Nm at 2,600rpm and peak power of 200hp at 5,800rpm to ensure punch and flexibility at all engine speeds for everyday motoring pleasure. Mated to a manual six-speed gearbox, the 2-liter turbocharged unit drives Mega Mega ne Coupe Concept from a standstill to 100kph in just 7.2 seconds, yet it returns economical fuel consumption of just 6.5 liters/100km (154g of CO2/km).

Renault Megane Coupe

Megane Coupe Concept provides a foretaste of the forthcoming Megane Coupe. "This show car emphatically showcases the evolution at Renault Design. Its squatter proportions and powerful, energetic styling talk directly to the driver’s senses; they say ’driving pleasure’. The spectacular, unprecedented door-opening kinematics add that little touch of magic which contributes to the dream factor associated with the automobile," explains Renault’s Patrick Le Quément, Senior Vice President, Corporate Design. Of a total length of 4.51 metres, Megane Coupe Concept features a modern, dynamic silhouette with taut lines that seem to suggest perpetual movement, while its alert, expressive front-end looks point at once to a truly dynamic personality.

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Renault today unveiled the Megane E85, the first Renault bioethanol (E85) cars on the European market. The new model is available on both hatchback or estate versions powered by a 1.6 16v engines. Prices start at €18,550 for Mégane Hatch and €19,150 for Mégane Sport Tourer, just €200 more than for the standard 1.6 16v versions.

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Mégane Renault Sport: geared to everyday driving pleasure
The Mégane Renault Sport is the sporting version of the Mégane II programme. It offers both a strong temperament and remarkable ease of use in everyday operation. Its innovative front suspension, a double axis strut system featuring an independent steering axis ensures precision of steering and handling. Together with its 6-speed manual gearbox, its 225bhp 2.0 Turbo engine provides excellent response from the lowest speeds. Offered in 3-door and 5-door form, this sporting version carries over all the comfort and safety features of Mégane II, whose hatchback version was voted “Car of the Year 2003”. The Mégane Renault Sport is built in the Dieppe factory, which is dedicated to manufacture of the brand’s sporting cars.

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