2011 Renault Megane RS N4

The Renault Megane is spawning yet another special edition, one that is sure to please upstart rally drivers all over the world. The new off-spring Mega Mega ne, which is being called the RS N4, is a Group N tarmac rally package that is being released to cater to the needs of trainers and private rally aces alike.

For this particular car, Renault outfitted it with a boost in the output of the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that it comes in. From the standard version’s 250 horsepower and 340 Nm of torque output, Renault gave the RS N4 a 20-horsepower boost to 270 ponies with 470 Nm of torque on it.

In addition to the engine upgrade, the sports hatch also gets a “Cup” suspension upgrade courtesy of the partnership Renault established with suspension maven Ohlins from Sweden. Renault also installed bigger brake discs on the car in the form of 335mm discs and four-piston Brembo calipers on the front and 290mm versions over in the rear. Rounding out the RS N4’s performance package is a new interior that features a race-ready roll bar as well as Sabelt racing seats with a six-point harness.

All told, the Megane RS N4 looks to be a pretty good car to get your feet wet in the world rally racing.


yes we all know that, this is an fully tunes megane so the competitor of this car would be the Citroen 207 WRX, SUbaru Imp WRX, Lancer Evo and the Focus RS WRX.

This car shows in fact the numbers to rival its competitors. With a 2.0 16V Turbo engine developing 270 horsepower – and a torque of 470 Nm – it also benefits from the contribution of Electronics Cosworth for the electronic management, optimizing its performance despite the introduction of a turbo flange of 33 mm according to the regulation of group N.

Looks like the citroen will going to have a hard time for the title on the next racing season.

In order to guarantee reliability, the gearbox is the component on which there is the most room for specific preparation. The regulations impose an H layout and the fitting of the gearbox in its original casing.

Isn’t it that this new team is Lotus but powered by Renault, rather than Lotus just being a sponsor? Christ on a bike I’m confused.

The disc brakes, roll bar and 6-point harness seatbelts make this group N Rally package ideal for enthusiasts and race instructors. It also has 270 PS and 470 Nm of torque which beats the standard Megane RS

hahah I though it saw a taxicab because of the yellow roof scoop and N4 logo on the side. well back to the topic... this baby is a good competitor of Ford Focus RS and Audi a1.

I agree with Augustin about the wheels on a car. Essential piece of gear and helps in visual but mostly in stability and braking distance!!

Megane is probably the coolest Renault ever. I remember that I was impressed when I first saw the car on the TV, and then, live. This baby is big and good proportioned.

The new Megane has the problem of the japanese cars, that the german auto makes understood. The wheels! They are so tiny and small and no matter how good they look, and how great and efficient engine they have... they still look like a boring car. Meredes, BMW, lately even Opel, understood that one of the coolest details that makes the car look good, are the wheels!

Finally a powerful Renault. Looking forward to a 6 liter engine smiley

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