2012 Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet Floride

Renault has announced the special edition Megane Coupe-Cabriolet Floride, a model that was inspired by the classic 1960’s version. Just like that model the new Floride edition will be offered in France only with classic Floride Ivory livery, while for the rest of Europe the company will also offer a red exterior paint.

The Floride Ivory paint is combined with a high-gloss, piano black panoramic roof and standard-equipment 17-inch Sari aluminium alloy diamond-effect wheels also finished in ivory. The car’s name casted in a chromed 3D font typical of the era is also visible on the lower bodyside just ahead of the rear wheel arches.

The beauty of the exterior is combined with the elegance of the interior. The car gets seats fully upholstered in red leather, with the side bolsters picked out in ivory, the steering wheel is wrapped in two-tone red/ivory leather, while the dashboard is finished in red with an ivory trim strip.


Each of its part is manifesting a high-class quality.

This concept car has shown high elegance and class based on its figure, and internally/externally.

Don’t you have much closer look of this Coupe? As far as I can see, this coupe is great and stunning. The interior looks pretty good.

The creamy body paint is great! It looks elegant and attractive with it’s platform. The interior is simple but the exterior detailing is impressive and aggressive with it’s dashboard.

This car is ready for any kind of travel. I really adore it. And I am looking forward to know more about its speed performance. I love its color in Ivory though red is also cool as well.

This is absolutely a WOW! Renault cabriolet really looks cool on its platform and with its other detailing, and I must say that choosing of body paint is truly great! smiley Moreover, I hope that it would as well have an impressive engine.

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