2015 Renault Sport Trophy

Although it doesn’t benefit from the same recognition surrounding the Ferrari brand, Renault is a big name in the world of motorsports. The French have been involved in top-tier racing for decades and, more recently, their World Series championships have helped numerous talented youngsters grow into professional racers. For 2015, Renault and its Sport Technologies arm are readying yet another racing division, one that comes with its own, exclusive race car.

Make no mistake though, this new racer that’s set to break cover at the Moscow International Auto Show in August is not another beefed-up Megane RS . The French are actually taking it up a notch with a vehicle that promises to be faster than the entire bunch of race-ready Megane RS and Clio RS hatches. Making things even more interesting is the fact that Renault says the race car will feature a "uniquely stunning design" — the statement is backed by a teaser showcasing a sleek, coupe-like shape with a fixed wing on the rear.

The full details won’t be out until August 27th, 2014, but the limited amount of info Renault has shared so far talks about at least 500 horsepower, lightness and brings together names like Nismo and Dallara. That’s exciting news in my book.

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Nismo Power, Dallara Frame

The unit is said to deliver more than 500 horsepower and although there are no additional details on hand, I have a hunch it's a V-6 displacing more than three liters.

While the vehicle’s design is still a mystery, its underpinnings are less of a dilemma. The race car will sit on a carbon-fiber monocoque developed by Dallara and get its oomph from a Nismo engine. The unit is said to deliver more than 500 horsepower and although there are no additional details on hand, I have a hunch it’s a V-6 displacing more than three liters.

But Nismo and Dallara aren’t the only big names involved in creating the Renault Sport Trophy. Sadev jumped in with a seven-speed sequential gearbox, while Michelin is working on special, high-performance tires for optimum track grip. And this race car will need a lot of grip, as those 500+ ponies will push only 2,425 pounds (1,000 kg) of carbon fiber and aluminum.

The competition created specifically for the Renault Sport Trophy will be part of the World Series by Renault, which, as you may or may not know, includes the Formula 3.5, the Formula 2.0, the Megane Trophy, and the Eurocup Clio. Stay tuned to TopSpeed for the full details as the 2014 Moscow Auto Show inches closer.


2014 Volkswagen GTI Roadster Concept

Volkswagen Vision Gran Turismo Concept

I know, this concept car is more of a virtual racer than an actual vehicle and the Renault Sport Trophy won’t race any other cars on the track, but the two have a lot in common. Both vehicles were built with lightness in mind, both use forced induction, and both deliver in excess of 500 horsepower. Granted, the Renault won’t benefit from such a futuristic design, but I expect to see a similarly sleek and aerodynamic body to come out of the French workshop.

Inspired by the Volkswagen Golf GTI , the Roadster Concept takes on the virtual tracks of Gran Turismo with 503 horsepower and 491 pound-feet of torque at the push of a button. The power reaches the wheels through a seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission and pushes the 3,133-pound vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Judging by the power-to-weight ratio, the Renault will be faster. And as far as cool factor goes, the Trophy wins by a long shot — I like my race cars real!

Press Release

Renault Sport Technologies’ latest creation, the Renaultsport Trophy show car, will shortly be unveiled. Boasting a uniquely stunning design – the first indication of its exceptional performance – the Trophy show car will be unveiled to the media and the public at the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS), which runs from 27th August to 7th September. An intense programme of development tests will now begin, with the car joining the World Series by Renault in 2015.

The World Series by Renault, which has been uncovering champion drivers for the last decade, will welcome a new category next year. With its brand new show car, the Renaultsport Trophy, Renault is set to present a unique vehicle designed solely for competition.

The newest addition to the Renault Sport Technologies family, the Renaultsport Trophy will be used in a single-model championship. A spectacular car designed with pure performance in mind, it has all the makings of being a big hit with the teams, drivers and fans at Renault Sport Technologies’ Fast, Free & Fun events.

The specifications are a reflection of its racing pedigree. Built by Dallara, the carbon monocoque will be powered by a Nismo engine delivering more than 500hp. The seven-speed sequential gearbox will be supplied by Sadev, while Michelin will develop a specific tyre for the package, which will have a weight around 1,100kg.

You will have to wait until 27th August, the opening day of the MIAS, to get your first sight of the Renaultsport Trophy in all its glory, however. It is sure to be one of the stars of the show.

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