2015 Renault SUV

If you remember when Renault announced the new Captur it has also been confirmed a new, larger SUV based on theNissan Quashqai is also under development. Today, we have what appear to be the first spy shots of this next SUV. At first look, this mule might look a lot like the next generation Renault Scenic , but at a closer look you will notice that this is not the case.

When the production version of the next SUV finally makes its debut you will notice it has nothing in common with the Scenic body this mule uses. There are, of course, some differences that make us sure this is a new SUV and not a revised Scenic. First of all, it rides on bigger wheels and rides higher than a normal Scenic. Also, it has some auxiliary weights on the roof and front fenders to simulate a higher weight distribution.

Just like Renault did with the Captur, we expect to see a first concept version later this year, with the production to be revealed at the Paris Auto Show in 2014.


Maybe the technical details and features will convince me that this car is suited to be released in 2 years

Its design is simple, clear, you can easily say it is an utility car, and it seems to be comfortable and practical

I like this SUV, and being a Renault, I guess that the price will be a good one. Maybe I’ll try it, when it will be released

There is such a big palette to choose from, coming about SUVs!why the hell in the world would somebody choose this one?

And considering the fact that it is actually an utility car, does save too much..bad luck

Renault have never impressed me, and this time, it doesn’t happen, again..I really don’t like its design..

This utililty car seems to be a good bussiness, if the price would be advantageous

This cars design remind me of 2008..which is strange, I suppose, because this car will be released in 2015

I wish for Renault all the luck in the world, and to come up with good prices! smiley

I’m sorry, but I don’t think that this car is good enough for an Auto Show in Paris...

This is not a vehicle to be presented in Paris, I think.Hope all the best for Renault, however, it’s my favourite brand..

Captur?Never heard of it, but I think it’s going to be successful. Now, it only depends on its price, I guess

I can observe some improvements in Renaults conception upon design and style.This model is a step forward.Now..let the price arise

Such and interesting design for a SUV!I think that, until 2015, some others will come on the market

I’m expecting a low price for this SUV, taking in consideration its features.Which is good, maybe in two years I’ll be able to afford it

In two years, this ugly car will show up?I was expecting some more from Renault..for a SUV, this vehicle seems to be projected for transporting materials..Dissapointing

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